Blood pressure checker pro

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Blood pressure checker pro is a very simple app to apply, to calculate your blood pressure and give instant results.

=> What is blood pressure:
Blood pressure is the blood pressure that circulates in our arteries. And regarding medication, medicine, the doctor usually takes blood pressure to find out if the tension is normal, high or not, fairly or low.

=> It is the normal blood pressure range:

The normal result varies according to your age and your sex: woman, man, girl, baby,
So to know what is high blood pressure, low or normal, first we must know the age and sex of our patient. But average normal blood pressure should be less than 14/9 or 140/90 mmHg,

It should also be known that systolic blood pressure should not exceed numbers 15 and diastolic blood pressure should not be greater than 9.

Doc in general, ideal blood pressure or good pressure should be between 12 and 14 (systolic), then high blood pressure is defined by a value greater than 14/9.

Now we have made a blood pressure monitor (blood pressure machine), soon we will integrate in this app a blood pressure chart, symptoms and signs of blood pressure, hypertension symptoms, we also present how to reduce and how to lower Blood pressure, what causes high blood pressure.

Our blood pressure machine checker pro thanks to your finger is very simple to apply and gives you exact and instant results, you will discover with us the blood pressure levels.

=> The characteristics of our application Blood pressure Pro:

– Very easy to use
– Possibility to share your results with the very famous social networks.
– our app will always be updated
– measure your blood pressure according to your sex (male or female) from a single click of your thumb.
– use the fingerprint to measure.
– soon we will add some features like: High or low blood pressure, healthy, diet and foods that lower it … etc
– Soon we will add the following machines : measure blood pressure and diabetes, measure heart rate, speed and weight, measure size, oxygen, pregnancy test and even more …

=> How to measure blood pressure checker pro:

So in order to receive your results instantly free and effortless, simply put your finger on the fingerprint for the scanner.


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