Killer Clown Simulator 2017

BEWARE…your childhood nightmare is here! It's 2017 and it looks like clowns have taken over! In this one-of-a- kind game, it’s your job to wreak

Park Like a Boss

Are you ready for BOSS parking? Park Like a Boss is a hilarious car parking, driving, and simulation game. You play the millionaire extraordinaire! Steer

Angry Fighter Attack

The epic battle of the Street Fighter Vs. City Thugs has just began! Experience Epic Combat with a new twist! Be part of this action

Sled Dog Racing 2017

Sled Dog Racing 2017Attention all animal racing fanatics!!This winter's dog sledding adventure is about to begin….so strap on your skis and MUSH! Dog racing huskies

Cyborg City Rampage 2017

In this action packed adventure simulator, you get to take control of Monster Cyborgs and trample down the city down by creating HAVOC!! Cyborgs are

Adventure Stunt Simulator

This is the absolute best Offroad Adventure simulator to hit the gaming community!!! Select from the best 4x4s and take a thrilling off-roading challenge to

Mermaid Race 2016

In Mermaid Race 2016, the world’s most beautiful sea creatures are ready to hit the water. Tapinator presents a brand new hybrid adventure combining wipe-out

Car Crash Derby 2016

This car was made for crashin’! This car was made for me ‘nd you! Get ready to cause some DAMAGE! Car crash derby is your

Creepy Clown Attack

PREPARE FOR THE CREEPY CLOWN APOCALYPSE! Creepy Clown sightings are sweeping the nation and they are no joke. Evil clowns are getting ready to create

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