Russian Submarine Robot Transformation Navy Wars

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Do you have what it takes to become a ww2 Russian submarine robot transformation navy wars commander? To protect your base from attacking robot navy you must transform into a Russian submarine robot and use russian submarine robot transport truck to lead your navy wars from front. The aggressive robot transformation submarines are attacking from everywhere which is why you need to finish enemy robot submarine quickly, load your Russian submarine robot on your heavy-duty transport truck and reach other battle fronts to fight ww2 navy. Take out enemy robot submarine with your ultimate torpedo shooting Russian submarine robot transformation navy skills. You need to make sure that your navy wars convoy is safe and quick to reach its missions if you want to defend your base from attacking battle cruisers in this robot transformation game. Your skills will not only be tested as a Russian submarine robot in navy wars but also as a mech warrior who is ready to become an epic warrior who must rescue his land from the attacking enemy. Make sure that you use all your tools and skills to route your heavy-duty transport truck carrying the Russian submarine robots to the next mission and do not hesitate to fire away all the torpedo in your ammunition. Your strengths will be put to an epic test in this Russian submarine robot transformation game.

You will be changing your hats as a Russian submarine robot captain and a heavy-duty cargo transport truck operator to make sure that your land is safe from all kinds of danger from each direction. Evil robots will attack on ground and in water and you as the ultimate Russian submarine robot and a transport truck operator will have to manage your available resources in the best way possible. The transport truck will have to go uphill and offroad to reach the missions so make sure that you choose the speed, driving and controls to maximize efficiency and reduce transport truck time to destination. The war is of epic proportion and Russian submarine robot transformation is your main arsenal that you must use very wisely. You must keep an eye on the health bar and ammunition status of your Russian submarine robot as some enemies have heavy artillery that can cause extensive damage.

The underwater environment as well as the land environment has been designed in a way to challenge your skills both as a Russian submarine robot and a heavy-duty transport truck operator. As you drive through rough terrains on your heavy-duty transport truck with your Russian submarine robot loaded in the back, you need to make sure that you reach each ww2 battle mission in time to destroy the enemy battle cruisers. The heavy-duty transport truck and Russian submarine robot controls have been placed to give you maximum and accurate control over your battle resources.

There are many types of challenges in the design of the game such as uphill and offroad transport tracks that will challenge you as the operator of heavy-duty transport truck whereas your skills as Russian submarine robot will tested by mammoth enemy warships equipped to destroy every inch of your land. There are many Russian submarine robot transformation navy wars games available but the experience that you will get by playing our game will be unmatched to any other.

Russian submarine robot transformation navy wars offer: –
1. Multi-mode missions such as robot transformation and heavy-duty transport truck
2. Offroad and uphill tracks as well as underwater
3. Enemy battle cruisers and mech robots
4. Realistic torpedo shooting game
5. Multiple levels offroad, uphill and underwater
6. Ultimate submarine robot ww2 rescue missions

We have kept the level design in a way that your learning curve goes up quickly and become the epic navy wars commander as soon as possible. Once you master the russian submarine robot transformation, you will have to master the heavy-duty transport truck operation as you battle enemy cruise ships to rescue your land evil robots.

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