Passpartout: path to artist’s glory

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Do you dream of the laurels of a great artist? But the pencils breaking, as soon as you take them in hand, and paint, whatever you do not draw with it, spread out across the canvas with a multicolored spot? Well, do not be upset. You can also try your hand at the original simulator of a street artist.

Your protege Passepartou is a wandering artist living in the backyard of Paris and trying to survive by selling his paintings. You won’t leave him in this difficult matter, aren’t you? Draw on the canvas with the hand of your alter ego, and increase the level of your skill with the place with it.

Finished paintings the artist immediately put on display a finicky French audience. Be ready to bargain if they want to buy: buyers are tight-fisted, and starving Passepartout, in addition to food should buy canvas, paint and brushes. So do not get too cheap.

As the number of your paintings increases, their quality will undoubtedly grow. And consequently, the prices for these works will also grow. This will not only affect the standard of living of the wandering artist, but also the quality of the works. Passepartout will be able to afford more expensive paints and better materials. And yet, having saved up money, he will move to the studio, through the roof of which you can not see the sky, and the conditions for life and work are more acceptable. With your help he will equip his new dwelling, and will continue to paint pictures. And so, a masterpiece for a masterpiece, selling for sale, and once an unknown artist from the outskirts of Paris will be famous for the whole city. Thus, the game allows us, in a short time, to go all the way to an artist's deserved vocation, from failure to failure, having received his share of criticism and fame.

Here is a brief retelling of the game about a starving artist. In addition to the unusual setting, the game has nice graphics and a good amount of humor. Spending it a couple of hours is a great way to dilute the grown-up shooters or strategies, dedicating your alter-it to the intelligent and timeless service.
Well, or stupid and fleeting – because the genre in which the paintings are written, you choose only. But do not worry: whatever the artist has put up for sale, sooner or later there will be a buyer for it.


Last Updated: August 14, 2017 Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000
Current Version 1.1 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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