My Devil Lovers: Romance You Choose

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“My Devil Lovers: Romance You Choose”

◇◇You can enjoy this game until the end for free! ◇◇
◇◇Every choice you make matters and can change everything! ◇◇
◇◇This is an interactive Romance App Drama with the theme being “The Seven Deadly Sins” ◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! You take on the role of the heroine and experience romancing with handsome devils! ◇◇

One day, you find a mysterious black book at an antique book store on the way home from work.
Since then, scary accidents occur one after another around you…
Then, when you are attacked by a strange man, 4 handsome guys appear in front of you!
They say that they are devils and you need to sign a contract with one of the devils if you want to be protected from an evil “Angel”, who is running after you.
Who will you choose?


◆【Pride】Lucius R Leon
"If you want to live, then choose… Choose who you want to protect you."

A narcissistic devil with red eyes.
After you choose to sign a contract with him, he insists on coming to your house and you start to live with him under the same roof.
What he requests in return for the contract is your “soul”.
At first, he is arrogant and you regret concluding the contract with him.
However, as you live him, the distance between you and him gets closer and closer…

"You are really dumb, aren't you?"

A cool devil with blue eyes.
After choosing Mitsuki, you are taken to the house of a super model, Levi, whom Mitsuki is working for as a bodyguard.
In return for the contract, he asks you not to kill anyone.
At first, he seems not interested in you, but…

"Why're you so tense? You can relax."

A cheerful devil with green eyes.
You start to live with Bell under the same roof, and as the price for signing the contract, he asks you not to die in the 10 days after signing the contract.
Bell is always gentle and good at everything including housework, making him seemingly a perfect guy.
However, as you get to know him more, you find that he has an unhappy past with his previous contractors…

◆【Lust】Gray Asmodeus
"Don't fall in love with me."

A seemingly gentle devil with gray eyes.
He looks like a beautiful prince, but he has a dual personality and always tries to tease you.
As the price for signing the contract, he asks you not to fall in love with him.
Since living with him, you get to know that he has a kind side as well.
Also, you get to know about a sad event he experienced in the past…

You can choose from a variety of characters based on your preferences!
…Who will you choose?

■How to Play■
It’s very easy to play!
1. Read the prologue.
2. Choose your favorite character.
3. Make your choices while reading the story and become closer to your character of choice.
4. There are two endings in each story! Your choices will determine if you will make it to the Happy Ending!

◇The story can be read completely for free by using the story tickets that will be given to you.
◇Furthermore, you can obtain the story tickets for free by watching videos and fulfilling the specific conditions.


Last Updated: August 7, 2017 Number of Downloads 1,000 - 5,000
Current Version 1.0.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 6+
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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