Cleopatra Match 3 Jewels Quest 2 – Pharaoh Gems

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⚪ Game Story :

• At the beginning of time before the curse of the pharaoh, ancient Egypt was an arid desert with no life, Until the appearance of the elements jewels or so-called Cleopatra jewels, these jewels possess the greatest power ever known, that can even create life itself, such power must be hidden from the public. The ancient pharaohs locked the jewels of Cleopatra inside the great pyramids and harnessed its power to revive the ancient arid world of Egypt. It has worked and turned the desolate world into a paradise above the earth.

• But over time the mystery of the jewels was no longer hidden. Some began to pursue Cleopatra's jewels, Everyone had a reason behind this quest but the purpose was one. They thought that if they could possess the lost jewels, they would have the great power of creation. One day, the boldest of them decided that she had to take what was her right. She was one of the pharaohs, she was a great warrior and a good queen for her people, her name was Cleopatra. But possessing the elements jewels that later bore the name of Cleopatra jewels, under one hand turned it from a grace to a curse, giving birth of a terrible darkness that Cleopatra herself could not control it, and she never saw again.

• Cleopatra's cursed jewels began to take everything they gave, life has been taken away from the ancient world of Egypt. Cleopatra died and was the last of the pharaohs, but the curse of her jewels never died.

• The prophecy says that one day Cleopatra's cursed jewels legend will be destroyed by a noble and immaculate man who will break the curse, restore stability and fertility to ancient Egypt and all the surrounding worlds saving all forms of life from loss.

• Are you the chosen person that the prophecy spoke about? Do you have the courage to do whatever it takes to break the curse of Cleopatra jewels and end the jewels quest?

• If your answer is yes, welcome to a fascinating world of exciting adventures. During this match 3 game, you will have to break the cursed jewels to unlock new levels with every 20 levels you unlock you save a world of the cursed worlds.

• Challenge your friends and family during your epic journey to save the world from the lost jewels of Cleopatra and prove them that you are the chosen hero who seeks glory not treasures. Reveal the mystery of old Egypt by solving the puzzle of this magic match 3 game, and remember that heroes are made not born.

⚪ How to Play :

• Match 3 or more jewels (one in a row) of the same color by clicking at one jewel and drag it to other adjacent jewels of the same color and all of them will be crushed, use the special lost jewels to enhance the destructive force when you crush them.

Jewels Features:

– Horizontal stripe jewel destroys all jewels horizontally on its way
– Vertical stripe jewel destroys all jewels vertically on its way
– Volcano jewel destroys all jewels around (9 jewels) on its way
– Multicolor jewel destroys all jewels the same color which has been combined

Mix of Features:

– (Horizontal stripe jewel) + (Vertical stripe jewel) = Destroys all jewels horizontally and vertically on its way
– (Horizontal stripe jewel) + (Volcano jewel) = Destroys 3 rows of jewels horizontally and vertically
– (Volcano jewel) + (Volcano jewel) = Big Volcano Boom destroys around more jewels than just Volcano jewel (13 jewels)

• And more features we'll let you discover it yourself while playing one of the best free match 3 games.

⚪ Special Bonus:

• When you reach the last level of our casual match 3 game and finish it, take a screenshot of the map showing that you are successfully unlocked all levels, and send it to us via e-mail or through Cleopatra Jewels group on Facebook and we will put your name on the next new map of this cursed pharaoh match 3 game!

• E-mail: [email protected]

• Facebook group:

• Have fun playing Cleopatra Match 3 Jewels Quest 2 ツ


Last Updated: July 27, 2017 Number of Downloads 1,000 - 5,000
Current Version 4.5 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.1 and up
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