Dino Robot – Tarbo Cops

"Tarbo Cops is a Double Target police officer responsible for the security of T-rex city.He is the direct aide of Tyranno Cops and responsible for

Smilodon – Dino Robot

"Smilodon is a Dino Robot that drifts the Dino Continent.Normally, wandering the continent, the weapons obtained are hidden inside and combat with fangs and claw.However,

Parasauraptor – Dino Robot

"Parasauraptor is Assassin Dino robot combined with Ninja Parasau and Ninja Velociraptor.The 'Dragon killer sword 'on his arm is sharp enough to sculpt the metal

Apatosaurus – Dino Robot

"Apatosaurus is the Storm Dragon's excavator robot.Equipped with the same infinite orbital engine as Stegosaurus.An additional crushing breaker can break hard ground and rock.The crushing

Stegosaurus – Dino Robot

"Stegosaurus is a bulldozer robot of the Storm Dragon.With infinite-orbit engines, you can freely navigate to harsh terrain,He can drill a blocked road or attack

Rhamphorhynchus – Dino Robot

"Rhamphorhynchus is a ninja belonging to the black coalition organization 'Dark Ninja'."Rhamphorhynchus is a ninja who raided the 'Blade of Ninja' headquarters with the Ninja

Dino Robot – Triceramus

"Triceramus is a double-target Triceratops and Gallimimus combined fire helicopter.The weight is increased and a double propeller is installed,and the grenade launcher can attack the

Baryonyx – Dino Robot

"Baryonyx is a Black Union scientist and holds a personal space ship "Ex Machina".Mainly experimentation and remodeling of abandoned parts in mechanical graves in "Ex

Dark Euoplo – Dino Robot

"Dark Euoplo is a heavy equipment robot in the black Union.Baryonyx, a scientist of the Black Union,Steals and improves the design of Euoplocephalus at the

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