Stone Giant

You got brand new magnificent character:• Check his unique skills• Find out all advantages of transmutation• Explore the Big cityand smash all your enemies! The

Fly Robot Swat

Elite forces confrontation.Special tricks and modern explosive ammunition.Great weaponry selection.Tactical fight maneuvers and jet pack suit upgrade.Welcome to the city of future where crime level

Walter Fall

Modern Superhero simulator.-Dynamic gameplay with lots of fights and multiple storylines.-Best 3d visual effects and realistic combat animations.-One of the tribunal squad members. The Walter

Jetpack Hero Miami Crime

Smart AI for more intense combats.Grand selection of weaponry at local guns shop.Special tasks with extra profit rewards.Police spec forces fear you most. You are

Agent John Brown

Follow the thorny path of a trader, who's got fired from work.Try to survive while robbing a bank. Meet fierce yakudza members, mafia and drunkards