111% New arcade game "JetCrash" !!!Fly to infinity and beyond !You can feel huge crash with simple control.Destroy enemies with special Jet!Upgrade your jet plane

HHTAN by 111%

111% New Tan Series “HHTAN”!!Increase the tails of the balls to break the bricks.Try to break the bricks while keeping the length and raise your


111% New arcade game "Turretz" !!!Enjoy an exciting battle in a fantastic spaceProtect your planet from space enemiesDestroy enemies with special turretsUpgrade your turrets and


111% New strategy game “Warz.ioi”!!!Destroy enemies by deploying unitsThe strategic placement of units is important!Set up many hero`s positions.Enjoy the battle of cute dot characters!This

99TAN by 111%

111% New TAN series “99TAN”!!!!Shot towards the flying bricks.The more you hit the same block, The higher score you can get!The ball is while holding


111% New arcade game "Ballium" !!!Enjoy bowling game in a fantastic space.You can knock down all ten pins and experience the shinning stars.You can feel


111% New arcade game “Karl”!!!Defeat your enemies as Samurai!Just Drag and kill your enemies!You can enjoy this game with simple control.You are a special Samurai

Brick Slayers

111% New action game “Brick Slayers”!!!Bounce the balls and defeat the boss.You can use Slayer`s skill if you release your hand.Try the powerful skill if


111% New arcade game “TouchA”!!!Try to catch the flying arrow.The quicker you catch the arrow, The higher score you can get!You can enjoy this game


111% New Billiard Game “ONECUE”!!! It`s not a complicated billiard game!It is just put one ball!!Try to balls of seven colors in the hole.You can

BBTAN : 7Years

It`s 111% BBTAN`s Special Edition “BBTAN : 7Years”!!! Swipe your finger down to throw balls and break bricks!The angle is the key point.Break bricks using


111% New Soccer Game “GONALDO”!!! Dribble the ball to avoid the goblins.Move the soccer ball in a zigzag direction.Tap, Tap, and tap once againGo past

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