Weindorf Stuttgart

Die Weindorf-App ist der unverzichtbare Begleiter für alle Gäste des Stuttgarter Weindorfs. Sie liefert Insider-Wissen rund um das Stuttgarter Weindorf und sorgt dafür, dass Sie

Smoots Rio Summer Games

Enjoy the olympics games of Rio in Smoots Rio Summer Games! Compete against other players around the world and become the top 1! You need

Golden Khan Slots

Are you familiar with Genghis Khan’s empire? The Mongol who united the warring Mongol tribes to create what eventually became one of the largest empires

Unfaithful Skies

Stop comets hitting your city and stop UFOs abducting your citizens and finally destroy the alien mother-ship.

High Jump 2016

Aim high and leap far in the high jump competition! The bar is set high and you'll have to take a running jump to reach


Sudoku (also known as Number Place) is a logically challenging brain game. Your goal in Sudoku is simple. Make sure each row, each column, and

AppLock & Lock Screen

The most powerful lock screen with live wallpaper themes, adds new feature AppLock, your best AppLocker & security guard. Classic Lock Screen keeps your Android

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