X Heroes: Origins Wolverine

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In the prologue, set in a bleak urban environment, Wolverine dismembers a group of soldiers sent to kill him.
His thoughts drift to a forgotten past.
The game "X Heroes: Origins Wolverine" begins in Angola, Africa, chronicling the mission of Team X, led by Col.
Stryker and his soldiers: Logan, Logan's brother Victor Creed, Wade Wilson, John Wraith, and Nord,
to locate a village that holds the secret to a valuable mineral deposit (implied to be adamantium).
When Raven, their CIA liaison, objects to Stryker harming innocent civilians, Stryker orders her terminated and Wraith seemingly kills her.
Team X locates the village but the villagers refuse to cooperate and Stryker threatens their lives.
Logan turns on his teammates but he is subdued and knocked out before he can prevent the massacre of the villagers.
Three years later, Team X has mostly disbanded.
Logan has settled in Canada with his girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox, when Creed surprises Logan at a bar and engages him in battle.
Creed emerges victorious, breaks Logan's bone claws and knocks him unconscious. Logan awakens to find Kayla dead.
Stryker arrives, telling Logan that Creed is killing his former comrades in revenge for Stryker firing him.
He offers Logan a chance at revenge, via a procedure to bond the indestructible metal adamantium to his skeleton.
Logan accepts, but when the procedure ends, he overhears Stryker order him to be terminated.
He breaks out of the Alkali Lake facility in a rage, killing many of Stryker's men, including Nord, and vowing to kill Stryker and Creed.
Searching for Wraith, Logan travels to Project: Wideawake, a secret government facility producing mutant hunting Sentinel robots.
Also searching for Wraith is Raven, revealed to be a mutant shapeshifter and Wraith's girlfriend after he faked her death.
Raven leads Logan through the facility, where he encounters the Sentinels' mutant-hating inventor, Bolivar Trask.
After cutting off Trask's hand to access Wraith's prison with his handprint, Logan rescues Wraith and destroys the large prototype Sentinel.

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