Wrestling All Stars Fighting

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Fight with your favorit impact wrestling and destroy enemies.
Do you remember the deep and involving General Manager Mode? Well, it’s back as is the fun Season Mode as well.
The extra time in the oven hasn't made a real hero on pinning down and beating into submission the problems that kept the series debut from being the tour de force game enthusiasts had hoped for. Staying faithful to the machismo drama and intense man-pummeling action of battle just isn't enough when the gameplay so readily degenerates into repetitive and frustrating button mashing. Context-sensitive control issues and bastardly enemy AI also take a lot of wind out of the game's testosterone-powered sails.
On the surface, SmackDown Raw 2017 brings us all the things we loved about the game including an updated roster of superstars and some new gameplay features.
Even with the improvements, though, Wrestling Warriors Fighting!! is actually a step down from last year’s game and that’s thanks to some glaring faults that are too hard to ignore.
Still, this isn’t to say this is a bad game. In fact, what the game does right is give us a wrestling game that actually feels good.
If anything the game is true to its motto: you just don’t watch it you live it.
Season Mode, for example, allows you to pick your favorite superstar and live out a WWE season.
You watch as all the usual WWE madness unfolds before you and quickly involves your chosen grappler.
Let’s say you pick Triple H, he starts off fighting the Big Show when suddenly Carlito and his buddies Chavo and Daivari jump up on stage claiming your victory as their own and thus forcing you to join their camp.
You can either accept their friendship or you can brush them off, apologize to the Big Show and join forces with the big guy to help you defeat Chavo and his posse.
Before you know it you’re deeply involved in a number of events as you make alliances or make enemies along the way.
General Manager Mode is also a deep and involving game mode that will have you deeply invested in all the wheeling and dealings of a General Manager for either the SmackDown or the Raw side.
After being approached by rival wrestlers who threaten him to throw the match, he decides to curb-stomp his opponents anyway. Ticked off by the victory, Suicide's rivals brutally attack him after the match, beating him within an inch of death and leaving him bleeding in a Tijuana alley. With his memory fuzzy and his face reconstructed by plastic surgeons, Suicide gets back into the ring south of the border and begins his ascent back up the circuit ladder. The story itself is pretty straightforward drama fare that plays out through a mix of static sequences and nicely animated cutscenes. Not everyone will enjoy being railroaded into playing a canned story as a single preset character rather than starting a custom wrestler from scratch–a fairly standard option that's noticeably absent here. However, the visuals both in and out of the ring are crisp, and the hard rock soundtrack does a good job of keeping the adrenaline flowing.
As your ripped foes get tougher, their aggressiveness and stamina increase dramatically, and all enemies in general seem to have an uncanny knack for effortlessly pulling off counter moves that turn your own attacks against you. It's a shame that doing the same to them is all but impossible with the inconsistent controls.
Unfortunately, far too many of the attacks are context sensitive and rely on proper positioning and timing to be wielded efficiently, which is problematic when you're in the middle of a frantic bout against a tough opponent who is quickly adapting to your attack patterns.


Last Updated: May 20, 2017 Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 2 Content Rating USK: Ages 16+
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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