US Army Bazooka Training

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US Army Bazooka Training

Get into military training sites of the Army and learn to shoot from Bazooka

US Army trains thousands and thousands of shooter soldiers with different weapons. Now is the time to get trained for some real heavy weapon, yes that is Bazookas. A free 3d action game full of killings and shooting on the aimed targets. Be the commando of the US Army and get the training with real scenarios where you learn and shoot at the same time. Immersive graphics of the urban environment as an Army base of training. Gun strike on the exact target is what you would be trained for. Outrun the speed of your target and shoot. Accomplish the missions and win the battle, you would be given tributes too.
You have been admitted in this military weapons training course to use Bazooka as your special weapon. The US army has taken you to a place which is an Army unit as well as a close bunker base near the enemy. You have to play as a sharp and intelligent bazooka shooter. You have to aim different targets and shoot. The aims could be tanks moving from point A to point B and you would be asked to shoot on them in a time defined for an attach. You got to destroy the tanks with the hostile fire of your Bazooka gun. Aim would be Humvees. Humvees are famous to be a hardcore vehicle and you got to hit it after to take precise aim. Humvees are destroyable with bazookas. The more crucial aim is the helicopters, once you see them flying up, you have a terror as they could shoot you from the upside. But you are an expert shooter, a shooter who knows how and when to hit the target. The real targets will be roaming around like wild animals and those are enemy evil soldiers, these evil soldiers are around this base and could attack and show up any time. Soldier, you got to take your position, hold your breath, shoot and kill them. Kill the enemy men as they approach near the gates. Enemy oil tankers are the ones who would be on the way, don’t spare them and take the aim. We need the oil tankers destroyed. Revenge is must. You have been chosen as the bazooka shooter for the epic revenge. You also have the option to upgrade the specs of your bazooka. Be a sharp shooter and get the tribute. Gun strike should be on the right time. This is the critical mission. In this mission there is training as well as live battle fight against the enemy and the terrorists.
3D War training grounds
Amazing battle sounds
Upgrade bazooka specs
Chance to be a shooter in US Army
Challenging missions
Addictive gameplay


Last Updated: February 3, 2017 Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 0.9 Content Rating USK: Ages 16+
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
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