Turtle Ninja Critical Escape: City Prison

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Turtle Ninja Critical Escape: City Prison

Break out of a high security prison to be the hero of your city again

Get ready for the real turtle warrior survival in 3D free action packed prison escape eventful immersive environment. This turtle ninja game will let you experience jail break prison escape as a fearless superhero fighter & survival in eventful combat environment. Being a stealth turtle warrior use the ninja tactics & fighting, shooting, survival skills to breakout the high security Alcatraz like prison jail cleverly. Your aim & target is to take revenge from the brutal terrorist, lethal criminals & enemies by shooting and killing them. You have a combat hunter special ops mission to attack the enemy & break out of the prison to chase your freedom again. Use different mutant shadow super ninja techniques and strategies to breakout of the city prison & fight against the rival criminals.

In this ninja super warrior hero with incredible mutant supernatural powers & skills game, you have an escape special ops jail break mission assigned by the special army navy force. Be a futuristic superhero assassin survival turtle, compete & shoot the criminals by using your real fearless fighting, stealth mutant sniper shooting & super ninja tactics skills to put an end to your imprisonment. You are caught by the special agent lethal enemies, so just breakout the jail to be free again. This game is the best simulation of jail prison & jail break escape. There are many assassin criminals, prison police sniper shooters and ruthless terrorists in this critical jail. City abundant prison is covered with high security cctv cameras & guards equipped with modern weapons & combat assault sniper guns. Just steal the guard modern weapons like sniper rifles & sniper guns to escape from the mortal prison as a shadow ninja fighter & super mutant turtle incredible hero.

Use your all combat assassin fighting, sniper gun shooting, silent stealth killing skills & escape strategies & plan in this ultimate 3D super turtle special ops escape prison jail break missions. You have to pass from several prison levels that are full of security guards & sniper shooters. As a true futuristic action ninja warrior superhero target the brutal enemies, rival terrorist & fail all the security cameras of vice city prison. Prepare yourself for the combat assault battle against the assassin terrorists, ruthless gangsters & criminals & escape from horrible jail as a superhero mutant turtle fighter & stealth rescue shooter.


Last Updated: July 22, 2017 Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 18+
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
Interactive Elements Digital Purchases In-App Products
Download: Google Apps