Time Warriors – Stone Age

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Welcome to the first episode of four series game. In this first episode, you will find yourself in stone age. You will witness to environments, people, weapons and wars of this era. You will fight with real players and will have fantastic weapons.

Explore fantastic pixel and cube environments designed to make you feel the ambiance of stone age, and battle with real players. Help to strong warriors who struggle to survive in a wild world to protect their villages and castles like minecraft mods. Prevent other clans to conquer your territory by using primitive weapons which are made of trees, stones and animal hides.

Choose a game mode designed for a maximum entertainment and fight against competitors as solo or as a team. Keep enemies away from your territory or conquer theirs' by using previously located devastating siege weapons.

Visit high quality, pixel style block villages and worlds to conquer competitors' castles. Craft, dig, make tunnels on them to make plans for your strategies. Build protection areas from treacherous enemies. All victories will gain you more experience and let you use new weapons.

Game is played offline and online.

In offline game mode, you can navigate and craft maps or make strategies for your treacherous plans.

You will fight with real players in online game mode. There are 3 types of game in online mode:

This game consists of two teams with eight players. All won scores and killed enemies are assumed as team score. The higher scored team wins at the end of the time.

There are two teams in the game mode again. Once player captures and brings competitor's flag next to own flag for 3 times, this team wins.

In this game mode, all players starts the game with the most powerful weapon. Weapon will replace with weaker one as soon as killing other warriors. The one who kill an enemy with bare hand, wins the game.

– The game is completely free (No selling any goods)
– 6 fantastic war environments and maps
– 8 handmade weapons
– 4 siege weapons
– 3 different game mode (Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Gun Beast)
– Option for offline and Online game
– Graphics and code optimization for Maximum battery life and performance
– Minimum amount of disk space on your device (< 30MB)

Time Warriors Stage Age is not a game of Mojang and not a clone of Minecraft. Minecraft game is registered and trademarked on Mojang AB company and there is no relation with this game and company.

Whats new

Camera Sensitivity Option
New Features
Several Bug Fixes
Some Performance Upgrades


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 50,000 - 100,000
Current Version Content Rating USK: Ages 6+
File Size OS Version 3.0 and up
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