SWAT Police Squad Mad City Sim

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Take revenge from ruthless mafia gangsters in ultimate fight between cops and robbers. Play SWAT Police Squad Mad City Sim to stop crime organization activities across Miami Siant countryside by performing insane offroad stunts.

After passing police school academy training, jump into special forces as a real law enforcement officer & lockdown underworld most wanted criminals. Arrest crooked gangsters from suburban ghetto city who have spread enormous chaos & destruction in town. With a hot police pursuit, keep chasing fast paced criminals posing a threat against country peace. Patrol around and track reckless thugs in modern war combat between police vs thief. But beware of passing time because if you miss shooting target, criminals will manage to escape on off-road hill tracks.

Police Car Driving Game to Chase and Arrest Hispanic criminals:
Fed up by driving boring cop cars on asphalt roads? Try playing the newest police car driving game on play store. Become car driver and drive off-road 4×4 supercars and chase arrest contract killers escaping crime scene into gangsters cars. As a real law enforcement officer, take vengeance from ruthless crooks in town trying prison escape. Stop gangster squad in war against law enforcement of Miami city. As Special Forces police man, smash & crash robbers cars. Drive offroad jeep on realistic city streets but don’t hit innocent civilians parked cars near shopping mall. In this cop chase smashing simulator, take down Mafia Empire by extreme cop patrol and safe city from ruthless bandits causing crimes at high peaks. Somebody has informed you about smuggling at sea port department. Without wasting a minute, get into cool police cruiser and drive fast on offroad hill tracks. Successfully stop robbers smuggling by boosting speed of fast paced police car.

Locked up town most wanted thugs by riding police motorbike:
Criminals escape in ghetto city and police car driver can’t drive in narrow streets. Police scanner tracking their routes ride police motorbike to take them down. Become real police moto rider, perform risky bike stunts to stop criminal escape and spare no mercy on badass thieves. There is a huge bank robbery in urban town. Catch mafia gangs cars on cops motorcycle and shoot them all. Beware of counter assault rifles attacks by criminals superfast street cars. Don’t let them rooftop gangster escape and take control of big city in your hands once again.

Time to become chopper pilot and take down bad guys:
Become police helicopter pilot and patrol around city to eliminate gangster crime activities. Show real helicopter pilot skills by flying the police helicopter in the skies. Chase Chines triad cars, get inside the cockpit start flying helicopter. Takeoff police helicopter and land over the escaping criminals. Hispanic gangsters are out spread in town, planning to takedown city with crime cartel. Show real helicopter flying skills and arrest the bad guys. Chase down underworld mafia and put them behind bars. Locked up criminal crime lords involve in jail breakdown and other dangerous crime scenes. Takeoff helicopter from skyscraper & get gangster cars in SWAT Police Squad Mad City Simulator game.

12 cop vs criminal missions to become heroic police officer.
Test your driving skills in thrilling car chase simulation levels.
Different SWAT vehicles like jeep, cars, motorbikes and flying helicopter.
HD graphics & exciting sniper shooter sound effects.

Download SWAT Police Squad Mad City Sim game right now and bring peace in crime city by big time gangsta cars deadliest smashes.

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Minor Bug Fixing!


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0.3 Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
File Size 64M OS Version 4.0 and up
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