Survival Mission Jail Breakout

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A commando is never off duty all his life. On a journey as a top secret agent, you had the biggest project in your hands and by one mistake you blew it. Now, with an aim, never to do that again, you plan and fight again. Two days back you furiously got in the boundaries of most deadly state around the globe in order to steal a secret of the cure of a fatal disease that the daughter of your boss knows; if they get to make her speak about it. They are soon going to use it in a no less lethal way. Underestimating there power and unknown with their high-end security measures you got trapped by them during the mission. Two years have passed and you are all set to escape those boundaries that have kept you hostage for a good period of time making it the most humiliating two years of your life.
Unknown of you being alive, your agency has no idea if they are supposed to assist you or not. You are all alone in the hands of cruel enemies. A precautionary escape mission plan has been made and now you have to jail breakout through this secret mission in a valiant manner by hook or by crook. Set up your mind to wickedly get killed by the army commandos fps outside or seek to survive in the most uncertain way possible with the boss’s daughter. All you managed to get is a knife, it is up to you and your unpredictable skills to collect more weapons from around the place and manage to get away. Your main tasks are to find keys, kill the enemies with the knife and get new weapons, with that help, get the boss’s daughter saved from the wrath of commandos.
Remember your savage training, plan to escape, invest all your efforts and put in your best to fight the crime. Show them your splendid power and strategic planning cover all the grounds up and down the building search for keys and boss’s daughter. Escape with her like a superhero. Your enemies are all over the place, you’ll face them anywhere everywhere at every single moment with a threat from them to kill the hostage. Rise up out of destructible cover focuses on bringing down epic Battle off progressively troublesome rushes of adversaries over an assortment of battle mission sorts. Kill one and don’t let the others know.

Key Features of Survival Mission Jail Breakout 2017 :

– The most immersive and great science fiction First Person Shooting Game.
– Smooth game controls to make navigation and shooting easy
– Outstanding game sounds
– Thrilling missions
– Threatening enemies
– Accurate and sharp weapons


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 18+
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
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