Superhero Wolverine Blade: Ultimate Mutant Fighter

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Welcome to the most bloody action and adventure game of wolverine superhero. Escape from the prison where you are captured and made wolverine strange mutant fighter by Stryker. This scientific facility where you were turned into monster is located in heavy woods in the middle of the forest. Escape this scientific facility by killing all the soldiers and destroy all their vehicles so that they cannot follow you. You are X hero and your original name is Logan which is written on your locket. After escaping from the prison you end up in most dangerous forest of the world. Survive in the forest and make your way to normal life. Survival in jungle is not an easy task as there are lot of wild animals like snow tigers, lions and bears. Use your special powers to get out this jungle. While you were escaping Stryker called the army. There will be lots of army soldiers and huey helicopters are chasing you. He mentioned you a monster who is escaped from prison. Now tell them you can fight like a monster and kill the army soldiers with your claw blades. Destroy helicopters and experience the action thrilling monster battle.

In this superhero game of 2017 you will be x-hero with sharp claw blades. Get ready to play the best city avenger superheroes simulation game of 2017. Other superheroes and mutants who are in control of government is trying to kill you. You must kill them first to survive. Your real threat is Mr incredible. This monster has a lot of power so Kill him with tricks. Crush Monsters and other army soldiers and perform perfect superhero escape role to become a shadow hero. Try to reach to mutant school of the country where your friends will help you and save you from the enemies. End this final battle with army and show them that you got some real courage and power.

In this Universe both Mutants and Humans will fear each other always. And there is a reason why. People always fear what they don’t understand. What is a secret of mutants power? How do superheroes get their super abilities? These questions can’t be answered. Finish this battle and tell people that with extreme mutant powers, mutant and humans can live peacefully. In this game, Wolverine’s special abilities include super strength, immediately regenerating health and his super sharp steel claws. In this mod you are able to turn into Wolverine and can use your claw blades to kill the enemies. Download and see the real power of mutants.

Superhero Wolverine Blade: Ultimate Mutant Fighter Features:

• Amazing story mode with fight action with army soldiers.
• Real feel of popping Claw blades of x-hero
• Ultimate final battle against army and enemy mutants
• Surprise attack and perfect killing of enemies
• Amazing action game in which fight against the thugs and criminals.
• Various combat missions with superhero battle.


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