Spider Web of Shadows Fighting

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Fighting a losing battle against a massive symbiote invasion from Web of Shadows

Spider's attacks can be pretty cool and devastating in Web of Shadow Fight. As you play the game and pull off mandatory story missions and optional side quests, such as defeating a certain number of enemies, you're going to be awarded experience points.

These points can then be exchanged for a number of special moves for each spider suit 65 for the red and blues and 56 for the black duds that are spread out among ground, air, wall, web and other various attacks, and you can collect Spider-tokens throughout the game to upgrade your health bar and swing speed. Now, most of these combat upgrades are just building on moves that are already established such as adding in a final stomp to a punching combo, but some are pretty frickin' cool and brutal.

One of the symbiote combos has Spider wail on the bad guys with his extremities a few times before unleashing a flurry of extended symbiote whips that lash out and toss the opponents into the air before slamming them back down and crushing their bodies.

Still, if it sounds like I'm lauding the combat, I guess this is a good enough place as any to tell you why I'm not crazy about this Spider title. See, as cool as these attacks can look, they're just button mashing. When I needed to steamroll the bad guys, I just tapped X-Y-X-Y-X-Y. Sometimes it was that tendril attack I just described, and sometimes it was just Spider wigging out and cleaning clocks. It didn't matter to me, because it got the job done; and there are a lot of jobs to get done.

Web of Shadow Fight is redundant and repetitive. Infuriatingly redundant and repetitive. In the beginning, Luke Cage will teach you a move, have you do it a certain number of times to him, send you out to do it to a certain number of villains, and then have you do it all over again when you come back to learn a different move. The same "go do this" thing happens when you meet Wolverine, and everyone else in the game. Seemingly, every mandatory mission has you assisting X number of S.H.I.E.L.D. evacs, stopping X number of symbiotes, or attacking X number of whatever. It gets old. Fast.


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