Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D

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Start your own wild adventure in this realistic micro world with Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D! Show who is the best poisonous spider in this human’s house! Seek for prey, find a mate, make a family, attack insects, cats, humans and have fun!

Run across this large world of human’s house, search prey – little insects like wasps, rhino bugs, ants, flies and even ordinary net-spinning spider – and fight against your rivals like large dexterous cats or other spiders! Be careful – every human being feels nothing but fear and disgust to you, so avoid these dangerous meetings!

Don’t forget to make a family! Build a lair in the darkest corner of this place and find the mate to raise your own little family of spiderlings! Protect your nest with eggs, raise up spiderlings and feel like a real home spider! Chase prey, use your poison to paralyze it and net glands to bind! Transport your victim to your lair to eat it slowly and calmly in Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D!

Earn points for every spider mission to customize your wonderful arachnid and level its characteristics up! Keep in mind your spider health, energy, water and food indicators to survive! Check different skins for your spider – black widow, golden orb weaver, bird’s eating spider, European garden spider, Sydney funnel-web spider and many others! Enjoy the life of a real arthropod in Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D!

Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D features:
• Ultimate home spider survival simulator
• Chance to mate and raise up little spiderlings
• Large human’s place full of dangers
• Beautiful 3D graphics

Check our Spider Pet Life Simulator 3D – game for all the animals’ simulator lovers! Learn the way of small but poisonous home spider! Explore large human’s house and enjoy the beautiful micro world around!

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Last Updated: Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000
Current Version 1.0.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 6+
File Size OS Version 4.2 and up
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