Spider 2: Web Of Shadows

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In Spider 2: Web Of Shadows, a deadly symbiote invasion devastates the streets of New York City, only Spider hero can seize control and bring salvation to the city.
Web of Shadows Edition does borrow the plot from the console version, however, and it also includes the ability to make some choices along the way.
Gamers decide when to switch between the agile Red Suit and formidable Black Suit, whether to ally with Marvel’s honored heroes or ferocious villains, which abilities to upgrade, and finally, what missions to undertake in order to protect Manhattan from certain annihilation.
But Spidey had the balance just right. Always ready with cheeky one-liners, enough cool powers to make you want to be him, yet still very much a mortal who was susceptible to pain and simple human error.
So far at the very beginning if you look at the video. At first there is this guy you meet, who is a reporter and wants to ask you questions. I do not know exactly but it seems that if you agree to take the interview you might just get good reputation points.
This happens a lot in the game, there might be some actions that would hurt your good super hero reputation.
So its good to be aware of that. Then, there I do the save the cat for poor old lady mission, which you will come to see the bill posted on some wall at street level.
And then its the save that girl from that crook who is trying to steal her purse or something. I must say that this game gets a 8 out of a perfect 10 from me. I do wish the producers would have done a better job on the dialog. I prefer voice spoken than just reading what they say (or where both concepts are incorporated).
Spiders also makes use of his acrobatic skills and incredible strength as well for when you need to carry a civilian or two out of harms way.
There is also the option to change from the Red Suit or the Black Suit via the Select button.
He even has his Spider Senses but in this game it is uses to locate people in need of your help or to seek out hidden threats.
This is helpful seeing as there is a lot of ground to cover even if this is a side-scrolling action game.
Along the way you will encounter civilians in need of your help.
A dialogue box opens up when you encounter a civilian and there are basically two options you can make in the game.
You can take the good path by accept to offer aid whether it’s rescuing a cat stuck on the roof of a building or carrying a whining socialite out of harms way.
Nevertheless, I do enjoy the gameplay and the controls are kept simple and the variety of moves from tying some bad guy with Spider 2: Web Of Shadows to swing across the buildings, and crawl on skyscrapers' walls. Its just exactly like our super hero.


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