Rope Master Flying Spider Superhero Rescue Mission

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Ever wished to be a flying spider hero to perform superhero rescue missions because this grand city is in a difficult situation as it is undergoing attacks and threats causing misfortune and you are the only one with super power who can save people from the mishap. So brace yourself up as Flying Spider Superhero to get set for rescue missions as city battle is going on and people are in need of rope hero. Grand city needs the super amazing spider to be their brave flying hero. As the situation of various parts of the big city is beyond the control of city ambulance which can only be handled by fearless flying spider hero superpowers. Let people know your flying skills as rope hero. Unleash your spider superhero powers and reign over your big city. The moment you get a glimpse of fire caught in buildings of the grand city, well then, turn into amazing rope hero as flying spider hero and turn into superhero flying above the rooftops unveiling super skills by rescuing people of this big city.

Become the lone ranger flying spider hero and serve as the superhero ambulance by saving citizens from being burnt in a fire or falling off from the skyscraper building and rooftops. Perform as the super spider hero with marvel super powers; as besides being the rope master you can also fly and perform various stunts of a superhero. Super spider master that is on rescue missions possesses some supernatural powers to fly in need of casualties and emergency in this rescue missions game. With your strong web that performs as rope, can carry strongest vehicles and the injured citizens and get recognized as flying spider superhero & rope hero of the grand city.

In flying spider hero & amazing superhero rescue mission, you will put an effort to combat different emergency situations while flying high in the grand city. Be the high alert monster hero in the big city as the situation can be worse. There can be chances of a traffic jam, blocked roads, rooftops catching fire, or bomb blasts worsening the situation and the only hope people are left with is the one and the only flying spider rope hero who can save people in this disastrous rescue mission. You will experience thrill-filled tasks in every rescue mission making each level difficult and challenging. You’ve got supernatural powers, so hold on tight to the rope and take the injured people to a safer place in the big city by flying high with all new adventurous and thrill filled grand city rescue missions.Download this amazing Rope Hero: Flying Spider Superhero Rescue Missions game to perform crazy stunts.

Game Features:

» Incredible super abilities: climb the walls, jump on the roofs of buildings.
» Action-packed 3D FPS with elements of Amazing Spider Abilities.
» Fantastically captivating gameplay.
» Realistic 3D physics and visual effects.
» Great selection of Superheroes.
» Hazardous maneuvering strategy in the city.


Last Updated: July 14, 2017 Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000
Current Version 1.0.1 Content Rating USK: Ages 18+
File Size OS Version 4.0 and up
Interactive Elements In-App Products
Download: Google Apps