Redstone pistion map for MCPE

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This redstone map for Minecraft features 28 different redstone creations. Most of which include at least one of the new redstone features like pistons and observers blocks which are available in version 0.15 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Its a great map for Minecraft to get some inspiration for things which you can build in your own worlds. The Pop-up Chest is the perfect solution for keeping your stuff safely hidden away. Every time the button is pushed a new chest will pop-up. Build this Chest Trap to make sure griefers and other intruders get what they actually deserve: a bath of lava. If you want to make a floor or some type of platform only accessible for certain people then you can build this Piston Staircase. The staircase can be turned on and off by using a button. If you are a building a storage room for all your treasures then you probably want to add some security to it. Heres a simple system for locking and unlocking all of your chests by the use of one simple button. Even when the storage is locked up they are still visible but you wont be able to open them. Redstone is great for building secure and smart machines but it can also be used for creating funny things like this slime trampoline.
Next MCPE mechanism is a Semi-Automatic Farm. Pull the lever to release the water and have all the wheat automatically collected in a chest. You will need to plant the seeds yourself though.
Heres another type of hidden stairs but in this case its 2*2 instead of 1*1. The Lava Bridge is a safe system for keeping monsters out at night in map for Minecraft. For example, build a lava moat around your house and switch it on during the night. No monsters in the Overworld can survive burning lava. This MCPE creation is just something which you can use to have some fun. Stand on one of the pressure plates and be automatically pushed around by the piston and slime blocks. Its not just a fireplace. Its actually a hidden door which leads down to some stairs. The Cake Trap is a really useful invention for trapping other players.Once they have stepped into the trap theres no way out as the pistons will be activated as soon as they step on the pressure plates and block them from getting out. Heres a super secure double lock door. Besides these there are plenty of other creations in the map for Minecraft. But this will give you a taste of what to expect.
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