Oh Yu-Gi ARC V Tag Force

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Full immersion in Oh Yu-Gi animated series and interact with more than 100 characters.

In place of card animations, in this game we have character sprite animations and dialogue for the various characters throughout the game which to it's credit looks really good on the system however only the 25 partner characters in the game have any voice acting which makes interaction exchanges between voiced and non voiced characters seem very distracting. Aside from that the Layout of Tag Force itself should be very familiar to long time Oh Yu-Gi ARC V Tag Force players with the vast majority of menu's retaining the same structure as previous games in the series.

The game has 25 partner characters (5 from each Era of Yu-Gi-Oh!) each of which have their own unique stories which as with previous Tag Force games will progressively unfold as you fill the hearts of those characters. As with previous Tag Force Games most stories in Tag Force Special are short arcs based on their anime story lines although you do get 1 or 2 stories that do attempt to be more creative with some of the less popular characters like Bastion Misawa and Ishizu Ishtar. The stories aren't anything spectacular but often to the point and quite short and I'm fans of the anime will appreciate all the winks and nods given to the series.

Unlocking Booster Packs in this game is outstandingly straight forward as most can be accessed right away from the card shop and the ones that aren't available can be unlocked very easily via the Duel Statue once you have enough JP (JP are points obtained by having more than one copy of a card in your trunk) and actually having packs based on their real world counterparts means most fans should be able to dive right in. The more duels you win the DP you unlock and the more booster packs or structure decks you can buy creating an invariable list of cards and decks to flex your creative muscles with and unlocking more characters.

The quickest way to build Hearts and Duelist Points in this game is by entering Tag Tournaments with your partner and putting it simply these tournaments are ruthless in every single arc your first opponents will always be against players using top tier decks from the OCG & remember that difficulty select I mentioned earlier? That doesn't apply to the Tournament Opponents, they will always start with the most powerful decks in the game. This can get very frustrating, very quickly especially at the start of the game, I mean I can understand putting in the toughest opponents to keep the player in check but shouldn't that be at the last round of the tournament rather than the first. If you want duelist points at the start of the game that leaves you with the Duel Puzzles which actually have a nice pay-off in this game and should give you enough points to get started on building the decks you want to.

Besides that if you're a big fan of the Oh Yu-Gi ARC V Tag Force! OCG then you should be able to dive straight in and have a great experience the options are diverse and the opponents can get very creative depending on the difficulty.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 1,000 - 5,000
Current Version 1.2 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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