Ninja Turtle Warrior

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Clash Studio would like to welcome you to our first Comic fiction Ninja Turtle Warrior shadow Action game.

A team of teenage superheroes. Isn’t that awesome? Guess who we are talking about! Oh yeah you’re right, We are talking about Ninja Turtle Warrior shadow. This ninja turtle warrior shadow is teenage anthropomorphic turtle, who dedicate his life to fight against evil superheroes, villains shadows.


Gameplay of this this science fiction mutant superhero game is pretty simple, A superhero Mutant begging for his life but Suddenly finds himself in the local library and discovers his abilities.
you (ninja turtle warrior) will fight against World best comic superheroes like Rope man, Incredible superhero, super spider mania, super girl & captain superhero and you have to defeat them to get access next level. They all have incredible super powers to beat you but you should use all your Ninja shadow, Taekwondo, Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills.Oh should I tell you this excited things REALLY!
You can snatch any furious car, police cars & futuristic bikes. Let’s begun party.

Ninja Turtle Warrior Features:

• Detailed environments with different Views.
•Car Theft , Bike Theft , Buss theft.
• Highly futuristic super power Mutant.
• Realistic Sound Effects.
• Stunning gameplay with variety of superhero levels.
• Futuristic HD 3D Graphics.
• Futuristic game Environment.

Feel like your favourite superhero with the Ninja Turtle Warrior game. Discover missions, vehicles, characters, You must once and for all put an end to this.! Don’t be afraid to start a new episode of the superhero ninja turtle adventure. Remember, there is no need to graduate a special academy to join super champions team. Can you complete all the tasks? Killing, rubbing, stealing, destroying things.

Drive theft cars reckless, kill your enemies down and tear them apart with heavy artillery attacks ordinary citizens, kills policemen, steals different kinds of vehicles. Roll up on a dangerously fun, wildly expansive, and overwhelmingly rich trip to the City of Sin!

In this Ninja Turtle Warrior game you play as a rising MMA grand champion. Stay mobile as you drive CRAZY VEHICLES including monster trucks, muscle cars, tanks & fighter jets. So strap in — there’s no auto-pilot for these dogs of war!Master all the abilities and become the unstoppable ninja star. Hot car chases with cops, confrontation with military forces and street gangs outrage. Stealing auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets. Try out all the supercars and bikes. Make stunts on a bmx .

Show the villains who's a superhero. War against assassins, champions, hitman is nothing compare with this contest. Now its your turn to save people of Vegas and keep the city safe.Gangsters are active, crime rate is high, city people are in danger and criminal activities are at its peak. Survival of innocent people is extreme difficult. Be the brave superpower Mutant hero of big city and battle against extreme terror.

It's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricks your rivals have in store for you?
If you love super machines, mech games,
superhero games, fun games, saviour games, spider games, futuristic mortal combo games, simulation games, challenging games, flying hero games, action games, vigilantly games, science fiction games, teleporting games then you will love this!
Destroy enemy comic superheroes Start the mortal combat and stay on the battlefield as long as you can.

Have you always wanted to have a superhero spirit? Or to be a super villain? NO, then may be you wanted to be a teenage ninja leader. By playing this Ninja turtle Warrior on your mobile phone or tablet or any android device you could be a super star.

Ninja Turtle Warrior will be updated according to your suggestions. Don't forget to leave a review with your feedback.

Whats new

You're Ninja warrior ! Fight against world best comic superheroes ;)


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Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: All ages
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