Mope iO

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Mope iO is all about survival in a hostile world around where everybody is your rival. Either you need to eat someone or someone will eat you for his survival. The gameplay is simple to understand but adapting to its dynamics can be real challenge for players! Why don’t you try once? Download simply for free and start enjoying its awesome dynamics unlimited!!
How to play the game:
The game integrated with Mope iO app is all about planning and strategy making for remaining alive. You have to start the game as a mouse and once you eat berries and drink water, you will be bigger in size and will be safe from dehydration. The whole world around you is moving in foodchain. So you need to be alert and take your best stance to go for the next level of growth.
• More you eat and and drink you will get bigger and stronger
• More you be stronger you will get more XP.
Your ultimate stage is the red and cute dragon where you can eat other animals too and no one can eat you. In between if any animal eats you, the game will be over.
App’s Features
Before you download the app Mope iO, take a quick look at its interesting features:
• User friendly interface,
• Smart and cool use of graphics and colors,
• Easy game navigation,
• Players need to be extra alert with reflex play,
• You can play the game with your online players and check how you are performing in the survival game.
Now download the game Mope iO app and start playing the foodchain game unlimited. This is a wonderful time pass on your android device for sure.
Want to notify the developer about the app Mope iO? Send a mail at [email protected]

Mope io is a game of evolution. Bigger animal eats smaller ones. Stronger eat weaker. Therefore your main goal should be to become the predator or maybe even a red but cute dragon!

In world you will start to play as a little mouse. Eat berries to grow and earn points then transform to another animal, drink water to stay dehydration. The more you eat and drink the more you grow and become stronger, you get more and more XP, moving up the food chain right to the top. Gradually, you become a powerful animal in , and can kill other ones.
So download mope io and have fun!


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0.12 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
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