Monster Prison Escape-Survival Battle

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Aim, shoot & pull your gun trigger to breakout of the prison in this fast-paced stealth action strategy survival filled TPS game. Test your tactical, shooting, survival & stealth skills and abilities to respond in tough situations in this free to play free roam adventure filled game. Shoot & Kill your enemy by various different ways & modern weapons & guns. This jail prison can’t keep you away from your freedom, family and woman. Play the role of monster hero with incredible skills who have been captured & imprisoned by the ruthless evil antagonist enemy in a high security prison just like Alcatraz. You have to use all the resources, skills, weapons & guns in stealth mode to breakout of this Alcatraz type high security prison jail. Your imprisonment was illegal as the vice warden of the prison has been bribed by terrorists & mafia gangsters to imprison you in order to get you off your city streets. With no one to stop them mafia gangsters & terrorists think they can do as they wish. Do whatever it takes because your freedom & survival depends on this break out, the only mission of your life now. Escape for your freedom. Escape to save your city & the innocent citizens like a true savior, a hero.

You are a super monster with incredible skills and you were captured by Special Forces & army military. You have to unlock all jail doors by keycards to escape. Do not show mercy to any enemy or criminal. Manipulate soldiers, prisoners and security guards in this battle of survival & escape from jail prison at all costs. The vice warden wants you in the jail for the rest of your life. That is why the vice warden has set high security of you. A lot of prison cops, police security guards & police sniper shooters are keeping an eye on you. Along with these k9 dogs, police patrol cars, cctv cameras & other security measure have been taken by the vice warden. You need great courage to face your brutal ruthless lethal vice enemy. Kill and shoot your enemy brutally to complete your runaway mission. Shooting will be an important part of your mission as you will strike with guns & counter the gun attacks as well. Jail security guards, police and soldiers are equipped with modern weapons & guns which you’ll collect by killing them. You have to takedown security guards and police in stealth mode. Move silently and control take their weapons & guns for your survival. Police on daily basis patrol to keep an eye on prisoners & criminals activities. You have to be very careful during your jail break prison escape mission.

This prison escape jail break mission is the ultimate crazy adventure full of survival stealth action which will lead you to different levels & parts of the jail in order to escape successfully. Move like a shadow in stealth mode to be untraceable. Be a very active and strong stealth survivor hero in this prison escape survival war. It is possible for you to unleash all your all fighting, combat war, strategy survival skills along with guns & modern weapons to defend yourself and shoot all the cops for prison escape. It’s time to escape from the jail and leave like a shadow to be with your woman again. Not just that but to save the city & it’s innocent people like a true hero.

• Full action packed prison escape stealth action
• Addictive gameplay
• Challenging level & missions
• Breathtaking & immersive 3D High security jail environment
• Realistic sound effects


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
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