Mimi Music – Clear Sound

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Mimi has the best sound!

Add clarity and depth to your music. You will hear more of your music than ever before. Mimi is the way you were meant to listen to music.

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Why does it sound better?

Mimi Music has been inspired by the way the human ear works. It helps you hear every single nuance in your music more clearly. We do that by adding cues to your music that support your brain in recognizing the contrast in sound.

What will you get out of this App?

1 Personlize music to your ears
2 Pick your favourite song
3 Add clarity and depth by mimifying your music

Mimi processes your music in a unique way. We call this Mimification and you can dial it up to the level you most prefer. If you are in a rather quiet environment, you might add just a little of it to your music. The moment you sit on a plane, train or are in a loud public place you’ll notice that your ears might want some more Mimification. Just slide to the top or even further and stop where it feels good to you.

If you’ve had some difficulties with your ears, you’ll probably find yourself turning the slider even more to the right side. That's the beauty about Mimi Music, it has been build to suit your needs. Leaving it completely up to you to decide how much depth and clarity you need.

What does Mimi do for you?
Mimi gives you the power to truly hear your music the way you prefer. With Mimi you can adjust your music to the way you were meant to hear it – at its best. Everybody, including you, hears differently, therefore we’ve considered all hearing abilities in the engineering of Mimi Music. Mimi Music is built to suit your range of needs, leaving it completely up to you to decide how much depth and clarity you want.

Healthy listening
With Mimi your music not only sounds better, but it’s also kinder to your ears. Why? You’ll be able to turn the volume lower while listening to Mimi – notice it will appear just as loud. When you mimify your sound, you’re adding quality and loudness without being destructive to your ears. It’s still up to you to keep it at a safe listening level, but you won’t be needing full-blasted volume to get the most of your music anymore.

Whats new

Mimi Music is finally out on Android! Download, personalize, experience the best sound quality you have ever heard.
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