Last Day of life: Apocalypse

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Game Last day on earth: survival is unprecedented in the freedom of the game world for mobile devices, tablets, and any devices that support iOS and Android. Simulator in the genre of apocalypse games, representing a lot of opportunities for the character to grow, develop and conquer the hostile post-apocalyptic world. The plot of the last day on earth is such that your character turns out to be alone, with no clothes or means of livelihood, in the midst of the hostile dying world of the Last Days of the Earth. Here, all the "last" is a collapsing rusting technique, enemies are zombies and mutants, deformed remnants of the maniac's agony. The world is destroyed, you have to rebuild it and make it as suitable as possible for further living. No technique. There are only remains, ruins of structures and adaptations, from which it is possible to create adaptations new – by manual labor, as at the dawn of human civilization. To begin with, the character needs to collect all the materials and tools he needs to feed himself and equip himself with an abode in which to hide. And then, as you develop and prosper, "the heat will go away." You can do everything here. Any construction – to develop, any tool or weapons – to collect and improve. Resources fall, as expected, from defeated enemies and monsters. Last day on earth is a multiplayer game, so you will have to fight not only against last-monsters, but against other players, or to cooperate with them for successful subsequent survival in apocalypse games. Upon reaching each level, you get new drawings for crafting, which allows you to develop your settlement and make the character more and more powerful and protected. To achieve the levels, you must continuously extract resources, find new mining sites, build, kill wanders on the territory of enemies and brew in the non-stop process of development of your small settlement. Also do not forget that the vital indicators in Last day on earth: survival are as close to real as possible, GG is able to tire, starve, the scale of its health falls, and is restored, respectively, by food and medication. Boevka in the game is very conditional, the gameplay is more focused on crafting items, developing its settlement and exploring new territories. Last day on earth captures no worse than its fellow genre, developed for PCs and consoles. As a mobile application it is performed at a high level and will give you many exciting hours to conquer the game world. The graphics of the game are pleasantly surprising. There is a mode of construction and a mode of real life. In the mode of construction, the last day interface is divided into squares, you have an overview of all your resources and building materials, by simple manipulation of your fingers have new buildings so as to extract the maximum benefit and protection from them. There is a combat regime in the last day, in which it is possible to fight off attacking zombies or malevolent neighbors living in the world of apocalypse. There is a possibility of stealing value from your territory – which stimulates to look for more resources and craft more complex defensive systems, constantly upgrading them.
Bottom line: stunning multiplayer post-apocalyptic simulator of the genre apocalypse with elements of strategy and RPG. The product is not inferior to its older counterparts, developed for consoles. Fans of the genre will appreciate. The world is really detailed and well thought out, the character's freedom of action pleasantly surprises, the system of levels and development gives maximum opportunity to accumulate own coolness. A popular genre, a worthy embodiment of the idea – the toy promises a lot of fascinating watches in the hostile decaying world of the Last Days of the Earth. Survive!


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 5,000 - 10,000
Current Version 1.2 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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