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Whilst we are still working on a couple of features we wanted you to be able to enjoy the Kurviger App. Feel free to participate in the development of the app and notify us if something is not working as expected or if you are missing a feature. The best way to reach out is our Forum. We hope you will enjoy the Kurviger App as much as we do!

Kurviger is a route planner specialized on motorcyclists that prefers curvy roads and slopes, but avoids cities and highways. Find routes that are enjoyable to ride with a motorcycle.

Create an awesome motorcycle trip with ease.
You can use the classical route planning function from A to B. If you want to find new ways or need inspiration while planning your next route, you may want to try the round trip option. With every click, you will be shown new loop routes that are fun to ride.

Find the curviest road between you and your destination.
You can choose between the fast, curvy, and extra curvy option to find the route that best suits your needs. If you are in a hurry, skip the detour with the fast option, but still enjoy some curvy roads. With the curvy option you ride on awesome twisted country roads away from the cities. If you are looking for smaller roads with a lot of curves, choose the extra curvy option.

Calculate a round trip with one press.
To calculate a loop, just provide a start location and a distance, Kurviger handles the rest. You can always add a heading if you want to ride towards a certain direction. If you are not perfectly happy with the round trip, just calculate a new one or optimize the current one.

Free version:
Enjoy the famous curvy routes of Kurviger in an app. Kurviger Free offers you all features that you love in a mobile friendly version.
Kurviger Free provides you with a “Follow location” mode, that keeps your current location in the center of the map. This allows a basic routing along the calculated route.
If you are looking for a full featured navigation solution, have a look at our Pro version.

Pro version:
Enjoy curvy GPS navigation everywhere in the world. Reach your destination with a smile. Kurviger Pro notifies you of every turn using voice guidance.
– Turn-by-turn voice navigation
– Longer round trips (1000km / 600mi)
– Alternative routes
– Hillshading (see the outlines of hills and mountains)


Whats new

- Route curviness
- Advanced options
- Various improvements


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 100 - 500
Current Version 1.0.17 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 2.3.3 and up
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