Hackers – Hacking simulator

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Join a virtual world of hackers to do hacking missions, hack others and steal their mined coins or join a guild and conspire to gain access to another guilds datacenter main server and destroy it! Meet new friends and plant virtual-viruses in your enemies gateways!

This is a difficult game! Please read tutorials, and refer to our forum and youtube channel for how to play the game!

Get help from :
– Our official forum: http://forum.hackerz.online
– Video tutorials from our official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/OkitooNetworks

– This is NOT real hacking, this is just a game, all of the IPs are fake and your device is secure, so you can't hack someones personal information with it.

– Keep your game IP a secret, if someone finds it you will become an easy target!

– New features are yet to come (tons of them)

By Using the app you agree to the TOS:

Beta Version!
This means:
– There might be bugs!
– Server restarts (Announced in the public chat room and announcements room)
– Server might be down for upgrades/updates (announced on our twitter channel) https://twitter.com/OkitooHackers
– There are many new features coming soon.

How to play:

This is a hacking simulation game.
Once finished you will be able to:

– Upgrade hardware and software (Ready)
– Hack others to steal cash / code (Ready)
– Check your logs for people who hacked you and take revenge (Ready)
– Once you gain access to remote servers you can delete logs to clear your tracks (Ready)
– Email system with attachment (ready)
– Do missions and get paid for them (80% ready)
– Request missions (Jobs) and pay for them (Will be rebuilt – I don't like how it works now)
– Infect others with in-game viruses
– Search for decryption keys for special apps/software
– Public Chat room (Ready)
– Guilds (90% ready)
– Guild wars (each Guild has a datacenter. To know the datacenter IP you must hack the Guild leader and steal his IP file, which you can decrypt by hacking the co-leader and stealing his decryption key file, then building a DDoS bot and planting it in their gateway!)
– Guild chat (50% ready, mission, online users list)
– Country chat + Global chat (ready – Moderated)

Coming soon:
– Factions (Not ready – Might not implement)
– Teams (Not available yet)
– team chat (Not ready)

– Install specialized hardware like packet sniffers / self destruct / proximity sensors … (Not ready)
– Build your own software (Not ready)
– Build software to automate some things in the game (Not available yet)
– Sell your softwares in the software center (Not ready)
– Build antivirus software and sell it (Not available yet)
– Build viruses, worms, trojans and backdoors and use them to infect others (Not available yet)
– Create a virtual botnet to pass some missions and DDoS virtual targets (Only DDoS bots against Guilds is ready)
– Track hackers and put them in jail (On the way)
– Team Fights (Not Ready)

… and a lot more to come soon.

– Internet : This is an online game, so it requires an internet connection.
– Camera : Camera permissions are required to read Q.R codes and decrypt some in-game files. (Game asks for permission whenever the camera is needed)

PS: use our official forum for questions related to the game: http://forum.hackerz.online

Whats new

- Little improvements for new players


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 500,000 - 1,000,000
Current Version Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.1 and up
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