Goku War Tenkaichi Xenoverse 5

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The game features 65 playable characters with a total of 140 playable forms from Tenkaichi 5

This is the sequel to tenkaichi 5 it will have the exact model of tenkaichi 5 but be an high definition graphics and it will have the gameplay of raging blast 2 the fast pace action and the same original tenkaichi cut scenes it will feature a big roster just like as bt3 but even greater amount of z characters and it will have a fun, exciting story mode and it will feel like your actually in the game in fact in other fighting games it also says that but this is actually the real deal

Character Story Mode – when you enter this mode, the user choose a character that they already have unlock in the character and go throught that character personal life story. Each time they finish a stage the user unlock new stages in the character story mode and the character can level up in the quest mode. The character leveling up in the quest mode only affects the character in quest mode. The characters are normal in the rest of the game.

Tournament Mode – Characters only in quest mode can enter. When you enter this mode, the user choose a character from quest mode and enters a tournament. As a character enters this mode, the users can use this as a way to level up their character like if a character at level 7 and they enter this mode and they win the tournament the user can level up to level 10,11, or even 12 depanding

Training Mode – When you enter this mode, the user choose a character from quest mode and battles a cpu character. This mode is use to level-up characters from quest mode or even try out character's moves. When the users is done with this mode the user's character could level up even if the battles are win(s) or lose(s). A character can level up from level 7 to level 11,12, or even 13 depend

Ultimate Battle – This new mode pits whichever fighter the player chooses against 100 characters. There are winning points and ranks in this mode. Depending on how the battle went, players get positive or negative winning points. However, if the player ends up with no winning points, the game is over and the player must start back at Rank 100. Occasionally, a different fighter will "break in". Players get more winning points for defeating them, but lose more than usual if they do not defeat them. Also, if the player wins five straight normal fights, someone five ranks ahead will offer a challenge. Completion of this challenge moves the player five ranks up.

Evolution Z – 7 slots for Z-items, but the stronger characters can have as little as 3 slots. There are Z-items that will increase a players Z-item slots, but the number of slots cannot exceed 7. Some Z-Items can be fused together to make new abilities and even characters.

[Battle Stages]
– Earth Wastelands
– Earth Rocky Area
– Namek
– World Tournament Stage
– City (Ruins)
– Mountain Road
– Islands
– Cell Games Arena
– Kami's Lookout
– Hyperbolic Time Chamber
– Supreme Kai's World


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.2 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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