Goku Budokai : Bloody battle

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After the defeat of the Androids and Future Trunks, Cells enters the World Martial Arts Tournament.
He meets heroes Kibitos and the heroes Supreme Kai, who inform him of Future Babidi's plan to resurrect Majin with the help of his henchman Future Dabura.
During their match, Future Kibito asks hero to turn Super Saiyan, which lures Dabura into stealing his energy for the hero Resurrection.
Against Supreme Kai's will, Trunks pursues Dabura and fights him:
Heroes Trunks hero Gohan opening Another Road : Goku Budokai : Bloody battle
Future saiyan (kid) and Future Gohan in the opening
If he defeats after being wounded by hero Daburan while protecting a city from one of his Ki Blasts, Future saiyan realizes that he can not do it alone and the story progresses to chapter 2.
If he fails to defeat heroes Dabura, one of Saiyan Ki Blasts mortally wounds Future Kibito when the latter takes the terrible blast with his own body to protect Future Trunks.
Though Future Kibitos saved him from one blast, another comes shortly thereafter and hits Trunks.
With no means of healing him, they have to resort to medical treatment.
Meanwhile, with no one to oppose them, Future Babidin and Dabura gather enough energy to resurrected Future Majin,
who kills Future Daburan in short order and soon, where at first he was heeded by Buu, Babidi himself is killed as well.
With no orders, hero simply goes on destroying, purely for innocent fun. Though injured, Saiyan is the only one who can face Future Majin.
heroes Buun kills him in a battle.
With the death of Future Trunks, the fate of the world is sealed: Buu destroys the world, and then the universe, then he turns to the Kais.
Those who could have stopped Buu were long gone, the world will soon return to nothingness.
Let's go to the game Goku Budokai : Bloody battle to find out ..

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