Global USA Green Card

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Global USA Green Card offers a premium and valuable service for eligible candidates and their families from all across the world, who are interested in immigrating to the United States and therefore need to go through a comprehensive, complex, and lengthy application process.

The company offers a complete personal immigration service to increase the likelihood that these candidates will be able to meet the strict standards to enter the Green Card Lottery program. This service guarantees the submission to the DV Lottery program, including filling in all the required application details correctly; attaching a relevant picture of each family member in an acceptable format, scale, and size; and submitting the application by the strict time slots that open only once a year directly to the authorities. The company will serve as the liaison between the authorities and the applicant throughout the entire process, all the way through the successful approval and the physical relocation of the family to the United States.

The company has a 24/7 support line and a strict SLA (24-hour response time maximum) for any customer service matter to provide applicants with complete and unparalleled support. The company is customer-centric and believes in outstanding customer service. Therefore, we are 100% transparent, honest, and up-front with our clients, all the way from our advertisements, landing pages, Immigration Experts’ call center, FAQ, and ongoing communication provided throughout the process.

The company is very straightforward and mentions several times in every interaction that it is possible for applicants to do everything by themselves for free, yet most people prefer to apply for additional assistance. Sometimes after the Immigration Expert explains this alternative option, prospective customers decide they do not want this premium service, and in these rare instances, the Immigration Expert kindly thanks the candidate for their time and quickly directs him/her towards the right place to proceed on their own. We keep all calls documented, labeled, and recorded for quality assurance purposes, so it is easy to retrieve these records if necessary. In addition, to avoid chargebacks, disputes, or customer dissatisfaction, the company is and will continue to be extremely sensitive to customer feedback, easily providing refunds or significant discounts in any contested incidents.

The company works with Ernst and Young, a major international advisory firm that employs industry-leading risk managers and whose clients include major payment solutions, credit card companies, and Fortune 500 corporations to adhere to and regulate the business operations of the company. The company maintains best industry practices to continue to build a strong, valuable, and scalable business together with the company’s partners.


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