Galactic Fury

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Galactic Fury is a massive multi-player online strategy game with one global server. In the vast universe, you are a commander of a group of interstellar immigrants. In order to survive, you must form alliance with friendly commanders. Together, you will build a massive base and mighty fleets. Perhaps one day, you may conquer the galaxy.

—Space Pirates
Dispatch your fleet to hunt down these notorious space pirates. You will be rewarded!
—PVP battles
The law of the jungle also applies in the space. Sometimes, you just have to go to war with some hostile players and grab resources from them.
—Seek for the extraterrestrial life forms
Are we alone in the universe? Send out your fleet to find the answer.
—The Gate
No one knows who built this mystic object. However, everyone wants to gain control of its infinite power.
These man made monsters were originally designed for war, but things somehow went out of control.
—Galaxy Relic
You might be surprised by the fact that there are so many wreckages left in the space. Some of them belong to the poor victims of space pirates or overlords. Some of them are the remnants of a lost civilization. Anyway, salvage them to get resources.

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Whats new

1. Infantry soldiers have acquired powerful Goliaths.
2. The tutorial is optimized.
3. The growth of stats for all combat units is smoothened.
4. The random spawn spots for new players are optimized.
5. Cooler unit models are added in your base.
6. Upper limit of motherships is increased from 5 to 6
7. Motherships can now be modified by installing different modules.
8. A powerful type of relics of the ancestor civilization, the keystones are discovered. Use them to boost your combat units.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.10 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 2.3.3 and up
Interactive Elements Digital Purchases In-App Products
Download: Google Apps