Frozen Water Slide Car Race

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Frozen Water Slide Car Race is an ultimate unique most addictive thrilling entertaining physics based action packed game on furious frozen waterslide. The ultimate insane thrilling racing car simulator is endless 3D drift racing adventure for those who are searching for exciting challenging crazy drift racing game on frozen asphalt track of waterslide. Welcome to the frozen aqua park of drift racing in Frozen Water Slide Car Race where you experience the fastest thrilling adventure of 3D sports car drift on top speed furious racing arena. Snow car drift racing gives you an experience of reckless racing on deadly snowy asphalt frozen waterslide track with snow drift car driving in most realistic racing simulation for super sports car game. Drive the fastest turbo sports car of the world at extreme speed and feel the asphalt of the track with extreme drifts there will be sharp turns which will leave a lot of car’s skid marks on the track! Drive for speed simulator 3D grand range drifter 4×4 vehicle in multiple challenges on wild tracks 3D environment on asphalt extreme driving dirt BMW with stunning, high fidelity graphics with addictive gameplay. Complete against furious real sports car racer in extreme drifting arenas to perform a total wipeout of completing sports car racers by exhibiting best drift skills is one of best physics based real drifting crazy car rally game on google play ever made! Frozen Water Slide Car Race is the most realistic 3D drift racing simulation in frozen waterslide on devices and it's absolutely free!
This off road dirt racing fever is filled with crazy sports cars free ride challenging missions to enjoy endless fun driving and off-road drifting in deadly rally race on frosty waterslide. Real sports car racing is off road crazy racing game provides different types of crazy new model racing cars with realistic accelerometer and blazing 4wd car vehicle on dangerous bumpy asphalt frozen tracks. Perform acrobatic drifts and dodge in deadly car racing provided with adrenaline rush extreme motor race. Frozen Water Slide Car Race combines with stunning, HD quality graphics with addictive gameplay that will have you never experienced before. Tap on the accelerometer and thrust full to experience the real speed of your car in ultimate unique race. Buckle up seat belt to get ready to enter in freezing racing arena for extreme snowy asphalt driving adventure in to burn frozen asphalt track with hot wheels. Blends the boundaries through a variety of dangerous waterslide tracks while enjoying the realistic BMW sports car physics and fast paced gameplay. Experience the real thrill and adventure of 3D drifting crazy sports car in extreme racing arena. Multiple exciting modes are available in frozen waterslide racing car game like free ride career mode time trail mode play frozen waterslide modes for unlimited fun.
Game Play:
• Tilt phone to control car direction
• Tap the accelerate button to speed up
• Touch brake to slow down or reverse the car
Top Features of Frozen Water Slide Car Race!
• Enhanced physics engine & maximum control flexibility
• High octane racer motorcycle & insane action
• HD 3D racing lap physics with astonishing sound
• Feel the speed of pro driving
• Real crazy car crash effects
• Drive modern and classic sports cars
• Smooth control with precise steering
• Gravity sensor control direction, smooth operation
• The real roar of the engine sound
• Off-road frozen track racing 4×4 drifting
• Smooth fast speed car handing
• Enjoy the thrill of racing car at insane speed on waterslide!
• A furious racing tribute!
• Absolutely Free to download!
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