Flying Monster Hero Battle

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Be a Flying Monster Hero in City Battle to fight as legend hero – what should you do if your city town had been attacked by most dangerous criminals and bad mafia? Get ready for the battle against gangster and criminals. You play as a Flying Monster Hero with amazing power skills where Monster Hero fights, flying, shooting and catch the gangsters, drug dealers, mafia and bad criminals. Malicious bomber villains have again attacked your city with a plan of overtaking it. Try yourself in the role of a City Hero in an active simulator. Your big Hero drives the sport car to chase the criminals and taken to the police station. Flying Monster Hero fights against mutant crime in final battle .Protect your modern city from a menacing and exponential evil. Would you be able to defeat these dangerous bad guys and villains?

Future fight against Super criminals, your Flying Monster Hero has special powers for demolition. Only you will be able to protect civilians and save the grand city. Use all your fighting and shooting skills with grotesque power and strategy. Become a protector of the law and defend the common people .Crush and blow everything in its path and become a Flying Monster Hero of City Battle. Remember, your enemies are mortal. It is a new Flying Monster Hero Battle game where Champion is the root for justice and your future. Flying Monster Hero saves civilians and vice city .The strange monster transformed superhero legend is known for its strange mystical super powers and super jump is ready to hit the road to take down the bad guys.

This game is started with delightful story, jetpack making in secret lab when the scientist and engineers made the jetpack so the government decided jetpack carried out of this laboratory to the underground place. When jetpack is carrying to the secret place suddenly gangsters and dangerous criminals attacked on the security team. Security team and criminals fights with each other suddenly monster hero came here and jetpack carrying out from here. So monster hunk hero use the jetpack and then monster hero become the flying monster hero.

• Present the new action Hero as a Flying Monster Hero in City Battle
• Super fight with various combinations of whacks
• Monster Hero drives the racing car and catch gangsters
• Entertaining and smooth control while you are playing
• Incredible graphics and realistic sound effects
• Dangerous and war environment
• Save the civilians of the modern city
• Clean the city from bad guys and mafia
• Amazing weapons and shooting effects

Come and play the Flying Monster Hero Battle game. Dangerous and exciting missions are waiting for you. Flying Monster Hero save the common people of the vice city. Decrease the crime rate of modern city and finish all the gangster and mafia. Drugs dealer selling and buying the drugs with the power of weapons. Some corrupt police officers handshake with the criminals, dangerous mafia and help them to deals with the bad criminals and move the drugs packages from one city to other with the help of police. You will fight against the dishonest police officers, dangerous gangster and mafia. Fight and shoot the criminals with the help of super power attack and extreme weapons. Flying with the help of jetpack and catch the criminals. Save the people of the city and become a Flying monster hero.


Last Updated: May 28, 2017 Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 6+
File Size OS Version 4.0 and up
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