Flying Bus Simulator: Driving Aviator 2017

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Drive your own luxury coach bus in this Flying Bus Simulator. Complete your driving to achieve the chief rank. Don't stop there, and unlock the flight simulator mode. Get an autobus pilot license. This is one of the best bus games you will ever find in any type of futuristic driving games. This is a fun driving game based on public transport system. Control a tourist futuristic and pick passengers. It becomes a plane in flight mode. It is the best Bus Simulator in 2017. Real maps like Alaska, New York, Los Angeles, Paris. Awesome physics allows you to observe a fabulous parking experience at gas stations. We have added accident damage control. Includes beautiful landscapes and offroad tourist destinations. Go to a water park to take a slide or ride a ferry boat. Have more fun with school bus. Gameplay scenes are going to add more entertainment for your kids. Multiple models are available in the garage. Enjoy a joyful aviation experience. Your kids can also perform air stunts. So tap on the gas, start your ignition and enjoy your aero journey. Enjoy infinite controls and endless hours of fun!

★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★

• Futuristic motorway routes are for inter-city travel experience. Tap on the accelerator to speed up.
• To drift your wheels; rotate the steering wheel immediately and press the brake paddles while staring on the road.
• Do not shift to [P] gear while on the go or your gearbox will be severely damaged.
• Don’t forget to pull the handbrake before leaving your Automobile at the parking.
• Make sure to avoid collisions with other vehicles and hurdles. Don’t hit the people on the road or building or you'd need to spend virtual cash to get it repaired at your favorite workshop.
• Be a responsible service provider for MTA.
• Your service does not fall in competition to metro bus service.
• Severe accidents can cause the critical damage and you'd either have to spend cash for emergency SOS repair service or play the level from the beginning.
• Your vehicle can even catch fire and cause distress to your passengers so avoid accidents.
• Flying abilities will be activated by gaining maximum experience points in driving license. You’d then pick your passengers, speed up on runway and then takeoff.
• An awesome animation would play after you have landed at the aero station.
• Passengers have to go at different airports, so deal with the aviation carefully.
• Don’t forget to use your windscreen wipers in case of rain.
• Remember, the flight mode works like a jumbo jet. You have many passengers aboard so take care of the aerodynamics even after you have landed at the airport.
• Be a responsible aviator. Be a role model for other pilots.
• You need to pick your passengers up, and fly over the city in your flying bus. Fly over country side terrain to drop passengers at a remote destination.
• Flight mode requires a pilot license so make sure to complete all the ranks.
• Trainee is the first rank. Become a full lieutenant to unlock caption rank. Chief is the expert level that makes you the best driver in driving mode and best of the best aviators in flight simulator.
• Focus on delivering an awesome quality expertise like a personal chauffeur.
• Your bus conductor would help you in collecting the fare.
• A petrol engine consumes too much fuel. So take the shortest route possible.
• Use headlights at night time and keep them off in daylight bluesky.


• Real direction indicator blinker.
• Stunning Automobiles graphics.
• Automatic Transmission.
• Speedometer to track speed.
• Fuel meter to show the remaining petrol (or gas) in the tank.
• Open world map.
• Real world destinations.
• Enjoy freeway drive.
• Airhorn during flight. The wings will automatically open up before take off.
• Double decker buses are coming soon.
• Camera view for interior and exterior view.

Whats new

• Minor bug fixes.
• NEW DIGITAL DASHBOARD in interior view! Check it out.! All of the controls are now on your bus's touch screen.
• NEW: On popular demand, introduced a rear camera in reverse mode.
• NEW: Introduced a new camera angle. Now you can view the bus from a farther distance. Looks super cool.
• NEW: Windscreen breaks if you hit your bus.
• Prettier steering wheel.
• Improved mini-map. Now it's easier to spot your destination.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: All ages
File Size OS Version 4.0 and up
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