Crocodile Attack Mission 3D

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Hunt the humans and animals on the beach!
Play as a sharp crocodile killer and enjoy the devouring your prey. As a hunger crocodile, you can eat any living thing on the beach across the ocean and sea water. See the world as an angry monster and you can attack on anything. Control your wild alligator in water and on beach land. Attack on the boat person and beach people with your big jaw before they escape. Complete your hunt before time has finished.
Move slowly around the large island looking for your next tasty meal. You have tried shark simulator, dinosaur simulator and alligator simulator now we give you an angry crocodile attack simulator game for a hunting try. Take control of hungry crocodile in this action packed simulator game. Crush everything which comes on your way. Eat all humans, destroy the environment and enjoy the challenging game play. Attack and kill people around the beach to survive as a shark crocodiles.
This crocodile attack mission Sim game is one of the best crocodile games. A wild crocodile wants to attack on wild animals and humans. If you have a dream of becoming an alligator shark then this is a game where you could attack wildly on all living things with interesting levels. In the history of crocodile attack games this crocodile water game is most popular game. In crocodile beach attack simulator game your crocodile is angry and hungry. Become a fighter crocodile; go and finish everything on the beach. You are not allowed to just hunt beach living things; you can hunt boat peoples in the sea water. This ocean crocodile attack simulator game gives you a chance to play something else other than boring type super crocodile water action games. Then you will become the croc hunter in the water environment. You can also attack on under water above water things. As a crocodile jaws you can eat humans like male, female, children and fishes everything. You can kill all of them like a day of war. The environment is look like as a lot of action and war between the animals. Show your skills of killing and hunting. We sure that when you play this amazing game you will happy and demand more versions of this game. Download and Play this amazing hungry crocodile attack game for free.
After completing the first attacker level you could permute to the next deadly level. Each level will more difficult than the previous level. When you attack and eat anything; you will get scores in this android game. From these scores you could unlock missions, levels and crocs. In app like unlock levels, missions and remove ads is also included for the user’s interest. Are you ready to survive all the challenging levels of this ultimate crocodile angry attack adventure? Do you think that you as an alligator kill all the living things with in limited time? If answer is yes then be ready to face the missions of this hungry crocodile wild attack game. Good luck!
Crocodile Attack Mission Sim Features :
Angry croc missions
Real water physics, cool crocodile movements and animations
Fun joystick simulator controls to make the crocodile swam and attack
Realistic water and beach environment
Smooth and easy controls
Control a huge 3d croc
Fast and action packed game play
Map of beach and sea water
Swam around and eat people
Super fun music
Excellent 3d graphics
It’s totally free to play.
So get this shark hungry evolution game now from Google play store for your android devices.
Quickly download this interesting crocodile attack mission sim game.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 16+
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
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