Craft Guide for Minecraft PE

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Craft Guide for Minecraft PE is an informative application with recipes for cognitive games! Your assistant on crafting, on mod survival, for playing on a multiplayer server, in mining resources, and also in crafting weapons and guns.

You will receive everything about items

Basic – all that is necessary for survival in the very first steps in an open and hostile world. Knowing these recipes will increase the chances of survival.

◈ Craft beds;
◈ Crafting table;
◈ Doors;
◈ Chest.

Defence – here you will find everything you need for defense, hunting and effective attack. The faster you arm the better.

◈ Emerald sword and others;
◈ Bow and arrows;
◈ Armor for you and your Horse.
◈ Shield.

Tools – this category contains the heart itself, the instrument recipes are very important. You can get all the necessary resources for building a building, a house and other buildings.

◈ Emerald pickax and its other kinds;
◈ Axes;
◈ Hours;
◈ Map.

Blocks – find out from which blocks you can make this or that element or building.

◈ Stone;
◈ Wooden;
◈ Gold;
◈ Ice.

Food – simple and delicious recipes for the game, they show all the products that will not leave you hungry and will quickly cure.

◈ Golden apple;
◈ Watermelon;
◈ Fish;
◈ Meat.

Mechanisms are all the most convenient devices you can do with RedStone. These recipes for the mechanisms make the game very easy and save time.

◈ Beacon;
◈ Button;
◈ Dispenser;
◈ Dropper.

Brewing Potion – with the help of potions you will increase the quality of your game at times. These descriptions will help you understand everything.

◈ Healing potion;
◈ Poison;
◈ Regeneration;
◈ Deceleration;
◈ Speed;
◈ Breath of the dragon.

Transport – here everything necessary for efficient operation in the mine and extraction of necessary resources.

◈ Minecarts;
◈ Rails;
◈ Saddle;
◈ Elytra.

Eggs – how to get the egg of the mob and what you can do with it. After all, not every egg is friendly.

◈ Lamas;
◈ Cows;
◈ Dragon;
◈ Creeper;
◈ The wolf;
◈ Villager.

Plants: – all plants, you will learn how to grow them and what they give. With the help of the right approach, you can make a whole beautiful garden.

◈ Fern;
◈ Rose;
◈ Orchid
◈ Lily;
◈ Peonies;
◈ Sugar cane;
◈ Saplings.

Resources – you need to know which resource to use to create what you want. And it is important to know in which of the worlds one must search for one or another resource.

◈ Skin;
◈ Brick;
◈ Bone;
◈ Gold ingot;
◈ Silver ingot;
◈ Nether star;
◈ Nether quartz;
◈ Emerald;

Quick access to information about mobs
Details of animals and various mobs. How to tame a pet or how to behave with certain mobs to stay alive.
For example:

◈ Lama;
◈ Ocelot;
◈ Blaze;
◈ Mushroom cow;
◈ Vindicator;
◈ Vex;
◈ Shulkier;
◈ Killer bunny;
◈ Cow;
◈ Chicken;
◈ Horse;
◈ Parrot;
◈ Polar bear;
◈ Gast;
◈ Witch;
◈ Zombies.

Description of all biomes
With this category you will find out which location is nearby, what it has and how it can be used. What should be prepared for, because each biome has its secrets.

◈ Taiga;
◈ Ice and cold lands;
◈ Rocky terrain;
◈ Plains;
◈ Forest;
◈ Beach;
◈ Jungle;
◈ Islands;
◈ Deserts;
◈ Hills;
◈ Mountains;
◈ Ocean;
◈ Lower world.
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