CR Ultimate Chest Tracker : V2

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A very compact app, which tracks the chests inside the Clash Royale game. This app is based on a default cycle that can be found inside the game file. Basically, instead of searching and track the location, you will be able to make it easily. After the position is found, you'll know what chest is next with this super guide clash royal just know how to use it
First, we need to know that the chest drop in Clash Royale is not random, but follow a fixed sequence or fixed cycle. Except the Super Magical Chest, Epic Chest and Legendary Chest, which is drop randomly and depends on luck.

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How to use
The Silver Chest, Golden Chest, Giant Chest and Magical Chest are not random and is follow a set 240 fixed cycle. The Super Magical Chest, Epic Chest and Legendary Chest are random based on small chance. After you get your chest, click "Next Chest" to keep track the chest cycle. If you accidentally click the "Next Chest", you can click "Undo".
1● When you finished a battle and receive a Chest (Ex: A Silver Chest).
2● Open the app.chest simulator for clash royale
3● Select the Silver Chest, then confirm it.
4● The results of next chest will be displayed. The biggest chest is the one with highest percentage.
5● Tap on the "Information" button will list all the possible positions.
●●● ●●● How to use Chest Position Finder?
Everytime you received a chest from Clash Royale battles, open this app and click the button of the chest that you've just received. Normally around 5-30 chests is needed to find out the current chest position. You will be informed once your current chest position is detected.

●●● ●●● How to use Chest Tracker?
Everytime you received a chest from Clash Royale battles, open this app and click "I Got A Chest" button (Except Super Magical Chest, Epic Chest and Legendary Chest). This Chest Tracker will show you the next four chests and tell you how many more chests until the next Golden Chest, Giant Chest and Magical Chest.
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Before start the chest tracking, you have to know your current chest position in Clash Royale. For experience player that played Clash Royale for a long time,
you probably already forgot how many chests you opened so far. Fortunately, this app have a built-in function "Chest Position Finder" that able to help you find out your current chest position.
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Chest Tracker (fan app for Clash Royale) is a helper tool used to:

● Track your Chest's current possible position in the Chest Cycle.
● Predict the upcoming Chest and deck clash royal with percentage.
● The more Chests were added to the app then the more exact position will be found out.
● Remove all the Chest to start tracking from the beginning.
● gems clash royale
● Detailed decks for every arena.
● All Cards: tips and strategies
● Made with sincerely heart and pure passion.
● SMC, Legendary, and Epic are randomly distributed with the rate of 1/500 for SMC, 1/240 or 1/480 for Legendary and Epic chests (depend on your arena).
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Disclaimer :

All Chests images, backgrounds, popups are belong to Supercell. Thank you so much for creating this awesome game.
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