Claw Blades X-Hero City Battle

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Like other superhero games, in Claw Blades X-Hero City Battle, the city is under constant fear of the underworld people and drug Mafia. They are performing their traits without any fear of being caught as a player notices in hero games. The lives of the poor masses have become harsh. People looked toward the army and a police hoping to have a favorable response like superhero games but got nothing. The army is busy in his campaign with pirates and police has not guts to stand before the criminals of underworld and drug mafia. The current situation highly demands a brave hero of the survival games who can move the destroying ship toward a safe bank similar to the rescue games. People of the city are waiting for a person capable of strange powers to hold the ever increasing super powers of the underworld. They want a person who can free them from the clutches of severe tyranny and oppression leveled against them by the cruel people of underworld and drug mafia.

Here enters the Claw Blades X-Hero in the City Battle and in no time, he is on the track like a mature fictional hero. Performing the role of a fictional character, he first understands the strategies of the mafia and other culprits by disguising himself as a comic hero. After that, he comes on the canvass as a deadly bold avenger and ultimately assumes the role of the legend of the city. As a true patriot and savior of his people, he becomes the defender of the rights of the people fighting with the Mafia at all levels.
He launches a real campaign against all the dark forces with his strong martial arts. He uses karate and kung Fu with perfect use of ninja and kick to give them their due share for their evils. He punches them in such a realistic way that they are on back foot in no time and are about to lick the dust similar to the flying games. Very soon, the underworld dons and drug and other mafia are planning to search a safe shelter outside the city but Claw Blades X-Hero does not give dark forces the chance of fleeing from the scene but rather he sends them to deaths by giving them ragdoll effects.

After entering in Claw Blades X-Hero City Battle, the player will have a life like experience as all the scenes and episodes are very real and close to the real life as is not often the case with superhero games. Like real hero games, it involves and gives the player a sound chance to use the latest arms and technology in order to eradicate the crimes. The player has full control to guide and control as he desires like rescue games. Here, he can avail all the latest trends quite easily like real survival games and can bring full peace and stability in the minds and hearts of the people who are waiting for this since long.

Game Features:
1. Life like experience.
2. Chance of using the latest techniques of modern battle field.
3. The hero is a complete package in itself.
4. Latest and the most modern graphics and sound patterns
5. The player can make the hero fly, walk and dive as he desires.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.3 Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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