City airport construction 2017

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Viewing the extreme and heavy Traffic condition, roads are full of fury drivers and runways stuffed with vehicles. The extreme city drivers decided to load off their vehicles from city traffic, in order to do so they controlled an alternative transport way that is by constructing an airport to make aircrafts, airplanes, jets and all sort of airline transportation vehicles land on the heavy off road premises. SO, here is the plan to construct this extreme airport and execute this heavy simulation plan. Sit back and get the strategy straight, site is ready to be worked on, Vehicles are all fueled up, transport is ready, construction material is available, airport plan has been devised so run towards your and get the work done. You don’t only need construction skills but utilize your driving skills as well, don’t get your driving potential gets wasted, use them in whole city airport construction project. You have control over every transport and airport construction vehicle and you are a pro at driving them. The city airport construction is on different levels. That has several projects in itself and that includes…

Setting up on Transportation vehicles
Prove to be the pro Driver that you already are and make your way through the hurdles towards the airport construction site in the city. Set up your hands on the transportation vehicle; practice more to get a smooth drive and run on the city paths, master the off road location, tear through mountains. Crush down the hills and runways to make place for the city airport. Smooth out your vehicles controls.

Set up the Site for City Airport construction
You have been provided the site for construction of your airport and as a builder your tasks are to tear down the mountains using heavy vehicles. Make space for all aircrafts like airplanes and jets; make way for runway to ease out the plane landing for pilots and airline workers. Dig out the off road area using cranes and career machines.

Bring the raw material for construction
Use your driving skills and Travel around the city to buy and collect the raw material for Airport construction. You can buy heavy materials, explosives to trash down the mountains; bring tiles, cement, and bricks by driving through the city areas on vehicles like trucks, crane and forklift. You are not only supposed to drive and bring the Cement you have to buy them from a machine and material shop across the hill.

Finally Build
At last you are going to do what you have been assigned. Build the city airport. Use your pro skills and Handle every Machine and construction vehicle carefully. Master the separate controls of Separate vehicles and use them to execute your tasks. Buy Material, come back to the site, go according to the running plan, construct the city airport as it was planned to drive and finally come up with the unmatchable mega 2017 Construction Project
8 construction vehicle… bundle of raw material… giant shop… 10 schemed construction tasks
… Long path to cover and one mega project, WHAT ELSE!!!

Key Features:

– Flawless Machine controls
– Mega realistic shop
– High end Simulation
– Huge freely navigable world
– 8 Vehicles – Separate controls – major machinery
– High-quality 3D graphics
– Original Operating modes


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