Blocky Island Rampage

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Team up and defeat the dangerous evil swarm of creatures with other villagers in Blocky Island Rampage!

An evil army of mythical creatures have taken over the island, terrorizing the villagers and the wildlife, you must help save the village and stop them form harming the civilians. Use any weapon or power up you can find and pick up, equip a powerful rocker launcher loaded and even more!

Explore the huge island environment with your group and help kick evil creature butt! Stylized gameplay created with cubes to a style you already know.

Equipped with fully loaded guns and amazing power ups, it's up to you and your fellow villagers to help protect all of the farm animals and people from the bad guys. Patrol the shores in boats, take to the skies in a jetpack and fire at anything that looks evil to help save the island. Every bad guy you blow up or take down, you'll unlock more powerful weapons and upgrades to increase your high score.

Experience such amazing power ups like:

Deploy quick transport to get around the island environment using fast agile bikes. Cycle around villages and forest while you fire tons of rockets and other weapons.

Low on ammo and need support? Help is on the way, fellow villagers will come to aid you to help defeat the enemy. Watch in amazement as they destroy your targets using sniper rifles, grenades, and rockets, earning experience points for you in helping destroying the creatures.

Make for a quick getaway from the enemy robots or low on health, harpoon to safety – the best way to get to places fast. Harpoons are the fastest method of moving around pixel block island world.

Reach new heights, explore the huge island environment and fly to hard reach places for the best vantage points to take out the foe. Easy to use jetpack makes flying fun and enjoyable without any difficulty

Destroy as many evil creatures as you can in Blocky Island Rampagel. Shoot, blow up, and destroy as many enemies as quickly as possible before you run out of ammo and health. Search the open world for supply drops like ammo, health, and power ups to carry on protecting the village people.

Be careful when fighting, if you take too many hits from the lasers and rockets you will lose health and die, plan you method of attack and have a escape plan.

Help protect the island and the everyone who wants to live in peaces, defend and survive against enemy creature army in Blocky Island Rampage.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
File Size OS Version 2.3 and up
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