Bat Hero: Super Legend Battle – Flying Superhero

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People of the city are being canned very harshly by the felons of the superhero games. They launched an inclusive crusade like hero games against these people but of no avail because of the treachery and riot of the intrinsic people. This has made the opponent more bold and capable of strange powers. The perpetrators show their super power on the innocent people of the city who are armless and in a very wretched disorder as we experience in superhero games. The security agencies tried their entire best by using their strange powers to break the flow of the evil undertakings of the pillagers who are holding super powers but with zero result. Whenever, the cads feel threat to their dominance in the society, they at once hide their identities using special hidden cells made for the same purpose.

The city and its people are in need of a fictional hero to bring back symmetry and peace in the city. They entail a fictional character that can halt the shackles to renovate peace and stability in the city. A comic hero like Bat hero can only be the compensator in this bleak situation. People of the city are waiting for him as an avenger who will avenge and reorient the people as a true legend. In the meanwhile, this news reaches Bat Hero who retorts in an amenable and resounding modus as the savior of the city promulgating the role of the defender.

The Bat Hero meets the conspirators in the super legend battle and like the sturdy hero of rescue games; he defies their buff and rule. As a substantial and dense hero of survival games, he nips the evil which has grown deep and strong with iron hands. He flies as is in flying games and not only locates the rogues but also uses realistic physics accompanied by strong martial arts in order to bring ragdoll effects to them. The proficient use of electric karate, stirring kung Fu, debauched ninja, verbose kick and potent punch traumatized the very roots of the dark forces and other evils of the city.

The Bat Hero has narrowed down space for the gangsters and the other crooks in the city on the call of the acquitted people of the city as in superhero games. It is no more a crime city now as there is not even the shadow of the terrorists visible due to the brilliance of the hero like hero games. The city people not only gratify his skills but also they propose him as the regal figure capable of strange powers who can tame the super power of the gangland in no time. By taking this character, the player can have bursting and imperious package to contest against the mafia and to provide armistice and coziness to the people of the city who are waiting for him to execute the same.

1. Latest 3D graphics.
2. Multidimensional errands.
3. Finally tuned and compact hero.
4. Scenes and episodes are crystal clear.
5. Challenging and thought provoking tasks.
6. Realistic landscapes.
7. The hero can, walk, run, dive and fly.


Last Updated: Number of Downloads 10,000 - 50,000
Current Version 1.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 12+
File Size OS Version 4.0.3 and up
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