A Wizardry Enchantment

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Is it a contract that ties to your eidolon? Or love?
This School of Wizardry will witness uncountable forbidden lessons between wizards and eidolons…

Which fixed couple love affairs will you follow?

In this world, humans with magical powers attend the School of Wizardry in order to amplify their skills.
With the necessary knowledge, anyone can get in. However, just a few make it all the way to graduation…

In order to graduate, students have to summon an eidolon and tie a contract with them,
which allows them to borrow the force they need to pass the graduation exam.

Yuzuki, Asato and Takeru are three School of Wizardry student about to graduate.
They will need to summon an eidolon in order to pass the graduation exam, and this will change their fate forever…!

Yuzuki is paired with the strongest unicorn, "Kaede". But why is he so fond of him…?
Takeru is paired with the beautiful incubus "Rui". But what kind of secret past do they share…?
The playboy Asato is paired with the tsundere werewolf "Mao". But what truth hides behind his carefree appearance…?

Many love stories going on between fixed couples. Are you ready to watch over them?

■Character Introduction■

・Yuzuki Urai
Route: Unicorn Route

He's at the very bottom of his class.
For some reason, the unicorn Kaede grows very fond of him, and the two form a pair in order to pass Yuzuki's graduation exam.

Route: Unicorn Route

The strongest between all eidolons.
An arrogant and selfish unicorn.
Summoned by Yuzuki, he agrees to pair up with him for his graduation exam.

・Takeru Shiga
Route: Incubus Route

A reticent honor student.
He was looking for Rui, who he had already met in the past.

Route: Incubus Route

A devoted incubus.
The past ties him to Takeru, who he treasures
More than anyone else.

・Asato Saionji
Route: Werewolf Route
A playboy, and a wealthy family offshoot.
He's very carefree.

He pairs up with the tsundere werewolf "Mao".

Route: Werewolf Route
A tsundere werewolf. Despite his appearance, he's really strong.
Apparently, he participated to another graduation exam in the past.

Which graduation exam will you follow?

■How to Play & Game Features■

・Aim for the ending as you go through "A Wizardry Enchantment" story. This is an love adventure game targeted at females.

・Use story tickets to read through the romantic scenarios! You will be give up to 5 tickets every day.
The tickets will let you live an exciting graduation story!

・Use avatars to increase your BF affection towards you, and if it's high enough, you will unlock special CGs and scenarios!

・The story changes according to your decisions. You can enjoy this even if it's your first visual novel!

Enjoy time-limited events with amazing scenarios about your favorite couple. Check it out!♪

■Collect beautiful CGs!■
Your decisions throughout the game will affect your relationship with him!
You might be able to read more intense scenes the closer of you are?!

■Recommended if you…■

・Like magical, fantasy worlds!
・Want to enjoy forbidden love stories between hot guys! ♡
・Enjoy fantasy & juvenile stories
・Want to find out more about ikemen eidolons x wizards pairings
・Are a BL(yaoi) games beginner!
・Or are crazy about BL(yaoi) games!

◆Basic Info:
[Category/Genre] Romance Adventure/BL
[Fee] Free for basic play/Items chargeable
[Scenario] Kai Ochiai, Yuki Minabe
[Illustration] Komichi


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Current Version 1.0.0 Content Rating USK: Ages 6+
File Size OS Version 4.1 and up
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