Sword Knights : Idle RPG

■ Sword Knights Features! ■ ▶ Various simultaneously-proceeded dungeons・Proceed five dungeons at the same time, Idle Game RPG!!・Show characteristic monsters by each dungeon!・Find weak points

Dawn Rising

Magical 2.5D Classical PC Element Masterpiece of the YearThe journey of the magical MMORPG begins ~It is an era filled with magical force, where demons


The most wonderful monsters are coming. Meet cooler and stronger monsters in our game. Rich leisure card to develop the law to create the most

Wizard’s Wheel

The dimension needs the help of one wizard – YOU! Collect your heroes, form your party, adventure and grow in power until you can reclaim

Shadow Saga: Reborn

Have you ever dreamed of being teleported into a marvelous game and start your own legend there?Shadow Saga is the stage we developed specially for

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